The day that we’ve all been waiting for is around the corner. No, not your birthday or Christmas.


Even before I became a mother, I loved Mother’s Day. There’s something special about showering the person who created you when they’ve done a pretty awesome job of it. But just because it’s always at the forefront of my mind doesn’t mean that I act on it in a timely fashion and I know I’m not the only one. So this is for my last minute friends, my procrastinator peeps, the ones who have NOT forgotten but have yet to move on it.

This list is for you.

7 Last Minute Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is 7 days away. Haven't gotten the mother in your life something? No worries, I've got 7 ideas to make this Mother's Day a success.

  1. Schedule A House Cleaning: Remember last year when I said that we really want our house cleaned? This still rings true. Now don’t get me wrong, I love it when my husband cleans the house. He does a way better job in putting things where they belong but after having my house cleaned twice by WellKept, the best gift is having someone else do it. Now WellKept is only in Atlanta but if you’re elsewhere, find a reputable service and make an appointment. Can’t get scheduled in before Mother’s Day because you waited until the last minute? (I swear I said this without judgement.) Print out something and stick it in the card so she knows her clean home is coming!
  2. Order Flowers: Trust me, this never gets old. I made the mistake of telling my husband that I don’t really like getting flowers because they die and are a waste of money. I lied. I love flowers. There’s nothing like pretty flowers to brighten a home. “But Aaronica, where should we get flowers from?” Proflowers is my choice. I photographed these flowers pictures after having them for 6 days and look at how beautiful they are? And while they will die, this vase is mine forever!
  3. Take Her to Brunch: Every weekend the hubs and I combine our strengths in the kitchen and whip up magnificent breakfasts/brunches (we’re slow to leave the bed on weekends). As delicious as these are, there’s nothing like not having to cook or look at the havoc that cooking has done to your kitchen. Nope. We want clean kitchens and to be served. My favorite brunches have been at Copelands and Doubletree–they do a special Mother’s Day brunch.
  4. Do Something Active: Not run a half marathon or anything but plan a nice walk or trail hike or something. Something that will allow your kids to release the pent up energy from trying their hardest to act right during brunch and so they aren’t driving you guys crazy. But most women are a little conscious about our weight and although we won’t count the calories of the meal we just ate, reality says they do count. So take her on a nice walk to relieve some of those bits of energy before they get stored as fat. Some of my favorite trails in the Atlanta area are along the Beltline, Roswell Waterfalls, the Chattahoochee off of 285 and Kennesaw Mountain. These all offer great views!
  5. Plan a Picnic: Since getting my picnic mat from uncommongoods, I use any excuse to have a picnic. But there’s nothing like the intimacy of sharing picnic in a beautiful park. It’s so movie-like right? This way the kids are free to be themselves as you feed her some strawberries and mimosas–which are a must. Be sure to pre-make them since glass bottles like that aren’t allowed in parks.
  6. Pamper Her: Give her a gift card that she can only use at a nail salon or massage place–don’t do a Visa or MasterCard gift card because she’ll probably end up spending it on you or the kids and she really needs to spend it on herself.
  7. Say Thank You: No shade to fatherhood, but motherhood is hard. Every day most of us are doubting what we do as moms. There’s no book to say that we’re doing the right thing or on the healthy path with our parenting. It’s something we’re sensitive about and want to succeed in. Say thank you. It’s so big. These two words spoken to us about our mothering can help us survive the rest of the year. Say it and mean it.

Fellow moms, did I miss anything?