I wanted to make mini’s baby food but being a single, working mom didn’t leave me much time for figuring out how to make it happen. As I’ve learned with baby abc, it’s way easier than I originally thought.

I was a little confused at how to get started. There are all these contraptions geared towards making and storing your own baby food. I wasn’t sure if I needed the Baby Bullet or any of the other fancy contraptions. I literally did cost/benefit analyses for weeks and overthinking this process before finally simplifying it in my head. I admit, I got caught up by the beautiful pictures in the Buzzfeed article showcasing all these fancy recipes. But at the time I was working corporate full time and working on my blog and raising the babies and……well, you get the point.

Either way, I discovered that I only needed these four things to make my baby food:

When making abc’s food, I would just steam a bunch of fruits/veggies, blend them together, add some seasoning (cinnamon for fruits and squash, various seasonings for the veggies), and freeze them. Once they were frozen, I would pop them out and store them in a freezer bag. I would make her baby food maybe once every 10 days in the beginning.

I did find some great and easy recipes at the following blogs:

Top Reveal

Mother’s Niche

Baby Savers

Parents.com – these are slow cooker recipes… we know how much I LOVE a slow cooker!!!

As I developed a higher level of comfortability with making the food, I would wing it with my recipes and she loved it!!!

Have you tried making your own baby food? What recipes do you have?