Spring break is in the air. The kids will be running free out of school and parents everywhere will be trying NOT to end our evenings with bottles of wine. If you’re a last minute planner like me, then you’ll be having a stay-cation in your hometown this year–or exploring another. Atlanta is a pretty popular area and has an incredible amount of attractions to entertain kids. But instead of hitting up the big city, we’re going to explore the up and coming city of Woodstock, GA.

So where is Woodstock right? It’s located about 30 minutes Northwest of the city off of I-575. The downtown area is incredibly charming and full of one of a kind shops, restaurants, and things to do.

Spring break is always fun for the kids and can be pretty stressful for us parents. Plan a stay-cation in Woodstock, GA for this year's Spring Break and take the headache out of planning with these things to do.

Nutin’ But Fun

Located on your way to downtown Woodstock, Nutin’ But Fun is a kids center that has everything from bounce houses to bumper cars to laser tag. Most parents aren’t able to take off work for the entire week of Spring Break so they offer care during the week of Spring Break. They have both half and full day care options starting at $25/day with a sibling discount though their normal business hours are from 3pm – 7pm. Need a date night and don’t have a sitter? They also do a Parents Night Out on every first and third Friday from 5pm-9pm for $19.99. Even better? They’re offering Summer Camp too!!!

Reformation Brewery

A brewery that’s kid friendly is pretty unheard of but Reformation Brewery has made it happen. On Thursdays and Saturdays they offer family friendly tours of the brewery. They allow you to bring food with you or have it delivered and they sometimes they even have food trucks so it’s perfect to plan and afternoon with the kids to have a picnic. Spring is in the air and that means more outdoor time–especially with beer!

It is Family Fun Day from 2-4. That means cookies and beer. Come pair your favorite cookies with your favorite Reformation beer!

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Taylor Randahl Mountain Bike Trail

Kids have energy. Lots of energy. Every day that goes by I wish I could bottle it and sell it to make millions. Spending time outdoors being active as a family not only establishes good habits but it gets rid of some of that spent up energy. Not into riding bikes?

Dupree Park

This is one of my favorite parks. It’s perfect for both adults and kids. The kids area has an upper and lower playground that features a slide in between the levels as well as a pond to feed the ducks. Since feeding ducks bread is actually bad for them, they have food that you can buy for $.25. For the adults, there’s a track and outdoor gym to take advantage of. This is the perfect area for kids to learn to skate, ride their bikes or practice running drills while parents take their health into their own hands.

Woodstock Public Library

Growing up I loved going to the library. Both my husband and I have a love for reading that has been passed down to our girls and the library is one of our favorite places to go. The Woodstock library is beautiful and robust and features some family friendly events throughout the month.

Downtown Woodstock

Downtown has beautiful shops and lovely restaurants that are situated in a picturesque landscape. There are train tracks that are train-free, a cupcakery, a pie shop, bookstore, and more. Spending an afternoon window shopping with your littles encouraging them to use their imagination is an afternoon well-spent. Ice pops, cupcakes, bits of pie and some of the best coffee that I’ve ever had are waiting for you and your little!

Tea Leaves & Thyme

Are you a mom of girls? One of my first visits to the downtown area was to this little tea room. It’s so quaint and perfect in every way. Both mini and abc are the epitome of girly girls so that means we are always in tea parties, sparkles, nail polish, and more. They feature a full tea menu coupled with crumpets and finger sandwiches as well as a full out dress up area for those who deem dressing up necessary. And Saturday mornings, they feature tea with a princess!!!

While Woodstock doesn’t feature Aquariums or soda, it does cater to all walks of life. Whether you’re into books, activity, or tea, you can do it all and not leave the state!

So, what area would you head to first?