It’s here!!! And by “it” I mean Spring!!! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for my favorite season to hit the streets and it’s now here.

So why is Spring my favorite? I feel like it represents an awakening, new beginnings and a freshness. Flowers are budding and blooming. Warmer temps are coming back. And florals are here.

Now if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen the posts going live with the sneak peeks of the some of the new line. So let’s just get to it and chat about the new Spring line over at The Crunchy Mommy Shop:

With Spring comes new beginning and new wardrobe pieces! Check out this growing collection by The Crunchy Mommy.

Spring For the Ladies

This is where most of the work went. As a mom fighting to get her body back to something that I’m proud of, I was having trouble with my wardrobe. The things that fit me wouldn’t fit the waist area or I just wouldn’t be comfortable in. So comfort and beauty were my inspiration. Just because you struggle with fluff doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be out here making statements with your pieces WHILE being comfortable!

“Leather” Pencil Skirt

I think I searched every thrift store for a leather skirt that fit perfectly. Then I was like, I don’t really support using real leather and faux leather tends to fit me awkwardly. Until I found this fabric. It’s super soft on the inside and has a comfortable stretch. This is a midi length so it hits below the knee.


Floral Pencil Skirt

FLORALS!!! I love them. I love pencil skirts. I love comfortable stretch. Hence this baby was born!

Striped “Brittany” Skirt

I love stripes and how fun is it to mix the directions of stripes?! I love the way this skirt sits and it’s made of a satin-like taffeta for a subtle fluff.

Floral Joggers

Floral pants that are both comfy and stylish. What else can I say?

More to come…

These pieces are some of my favorite but they aren’t the only pieces for the Spring line! Here are some other things to expect:

  • Floral t-shirt midi dress
  • Tulle skirt
  • Chiffon pants
  • Skater dress
  • Blouses

Spring for the Kids

I started out making the clothes for the kids/babies and it’s been tons of fun. I’ve looooooved seeing pictures posted of kids rocking their TCM threads!

African Wax Harems

These were the first clothing product offered so naturally I’m keeping them!!! They’ll go from 0-6 mos – 5T in various fabrics that will change. 4 fabrics will be offered at a time!

Baby/Children Harems

This will be made from a jersey knit in fabrics that are catered to both boys and girls. Sizes will go from 0-6mos – 5T.


There will be bubble shorts for girls up to size 10, a basic short for boys up to size 10. Fabrics offered will be the African wax prints and various others.

More to come…

Just like with the women’s, mama didn’t have time to make everything at once but stay tuned for the following:

  • Floral leggings
  • Harem romper
  • Circle skirts
  • Flutter skirts
  • Reversible Pinafore Dresses


Yay!!! Who doesn’t love a good accessory right? Some of these will be listed ASAP and others are to come.

Cloth Wipes

When I started cloth diapering, I was still using disposable wipes. Why, I don’t know. But these cloth wipes measure 7 x 7 and are super easy whether you cloth diaper or not.


New product I’m thinking about offering in my shop… mom’s what do you guys think? #etsy #etsyshop #babybibs #boys

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These will be offered as a wild card option for the coloring but the design will stay the same.

Mommy + Me Headwraps

There will be the option to order these solo or paired with a miniature version….you know, for the miniature version of yourself!

Iron On Patches

I love these. These can be used for elbows, knees, or to just jazz up something ordinary! These are in oval and heart shapes!

Custom Options

One of the things that I absolutely LOVE doing is custom pieces. I get to try new things and love it when I see others’ creations come to life. I’ll still be doing these so feel free to request a custom pieces!!!

Fabric Options

Fabrics will change but silhouettes won’t! I love new fabrics and shop for them often so keep an eye out for updates in my shop!

I have quite literally put my heart and soul into planning this Spring line. It’s pretty representative of me and my style and I hope you all love it!!!!

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