**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with Legends of Learning. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

This summer, I had the opportunity to really explore different curriculums to make a more educated opinion on what I would be using for Mini’s schooling this year. In previous years, I was just winging it but this year? This year is all about intention. Which is why I’m glad we tried out Legends of Learning.

Legends of Learning is for the traditional classroom, though anyone can make an account and try it out, including homeschoolers and parents who want to bring it to their school.

This year, we’re switching things up a bit for our homeschool format. We have a more eclectic style and have used a couple of internet-based programs along with field trips and my teaching, but this year we’re moving to unit studies. I’m pretty excited since Mini chose mostly science-based topics!

Game-Based Science With Legends of Learning

Science is one of our favorite subjects here at the Cole household. Fun fact: I was originally a biology major in college and started taking college courses in high school. I loved genetics–all parts of science really. But this love has been passed down to Mini, and I couldn’t be happier.

Making Learning Fun

Legends of Learning’s 1000+ games meet NGSS standards, and learning is an important part of the games. The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) were created to keep consistency between all K-12 students when it comes to science curriculum.

How Legends of Learning Works:

As an educator or parent, you log-in to the platform and choose what subject matter you’re working with. Then you go through the game first and assign it to your students. I love that it has you play the game first. This gives me a leg up should Mini need help or not understand something. After you play the game, you have the opportunity to provide feedback for other educators to read.

Who Is Legends of Learning For?

This interface is for both middle and elementary school children. It covers the following topics:
The Scientific Method
Earth Science
Life Science
Physical Science

How We Plan On Using Legends of Learning

When I tell you that I’m so happy about having Legends of Learning, I mean it. Like I stated previously, we’re switching to unit studies for this year and we have mainly science topics. Legends of Learning will fit right in with our school work. I typically assign Mini her work through Google Classroom so I can leave the links for her games to play right in there. I will be using this to reinforce the readings she does and teachings we do together. This will be the thing that ties it all together in a fun way.

Outside of the fact the Legends of Learning is using a game-based system as a learning tool. I love that it has superhero characters. We are HUGE fans of superheroes so my daughter is even more excited about using this because of that!

Interested in learning more and to see if this works for your family? Does your child go to a traditional school and you’d like this for his/her classroom? Check out LegendsOfLearning.com today!