I received this box in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Now it’s no surprise that I’m a lover of subscription boxes. I love being surprised quarterly with the boxes that I subscribe to. So when my fellow Spelman Sister created the Black Girl Mathgic box, I knew that I had to get my own daughter in on this action. Making math fun AND celebrating the magic of black girls is something that I can definitely support and get behind!

The Black Girl Mathgic Box

We received our box and Mini was super excited to get into it. Since transitioning back to school, math has been our Achilles heel. She’s so smart and loves when things come easily to her. She was having trouble wrapping her mind around math and it just wasn’t fun for her anymore. When we homeschooled, we used things like blocks, cereal, and other tangible items with her learning. Pencil and paper just weren’t cutting it.

Ready to get your girls loving math? Well this monthly subscription box is ready to help! Check out our thoughts on Black Girl Mathgic!

This months box that we got highlighted the contributions of black women in math. She received the book Hidden Figures which she was so excited to read after seeing the movie when it came out. There were also some other items that you can check out here in Mini’s unboxing video:

I love the box and the branding. One of the first things that Mini said when she saw it was, “Mommy she looks like me!” Representation of our children matters in how invested they are in things. I grew up in a time where I didn’t see myself in any school materials. We didn’t have things like this and it matters.

I also love love love the adult guide that goes with it. As our children continue to grow and develop, it can be hard to stay connected with them. And math? Listen, this lattice method had me all messed up but having the companion guide go along with the box made connecting with her easier.

Because I know you’re interested in grabbing one for either your own child or someone else’s, here’s where you can get yours:


Are your kids into math or do they need some extra help?

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