Things have been quite busy over here for the past couple of days. In addition to being a mommy blogger, I also have a boutique on Etsy called OriginalCrunchyMommy and I’m working as a Social Media Evaluator too. Oh, that’s in addition to raising my beautiful girls and being queen of our castle with my hubs. Busy.busy.busy.

But I love it!!!

One of my goals is to list new products every week. I absolutely love creating the things that I’ve been making. Creating is a stress reliever for me.

This week I re-branded my body butter. The formula has stayed the same though I finally found my ivory Shea butter that I’ve been looking for. This butter feels like some whipped cream and smells heavenly–even the Unscented version. Because it’s made with coconut oil, there’s a very light coconut scent in there. This was my very first product I made and came up with it for my daughters. They both have eczema and this provided such great relief for their skin that my doctor suggested I sell it. Now with the new packaging, it looks fancy!

whipped body butter in its new clothes

I’ve been working on a body wash for some time as well. Something that was naturally based, smelled great, and left my skin feeling clean but moisturizer. Well today I listed it in my Etsy shop after finalizing it! Not only can you moisturize with my butter formula, you can cleanse with it too! Yay!


lather on up!


But it doesn’t stop there! Yesterday I shipped off a new wrap skirt made with African Wax fabric after FINALLY getting my clothing tags in!!! I’m really excited about those but look at how beautiful this skirt turned out:

My little abc kept herself busy as mommy created: 

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I love productive days… Now off to have some me time!!!