I was sitting and chatting with my “little brother” and we were talking about our relationships. He’s kind of in and out of a relationship with a young lady that he thinks could be the one when he asked me how I knew that he was it. Truth be told, I knew that if we were to date, he would be it.

My husband and I met at work. I still remember the first time our eyes met. His eyes were so kind and his smile so genuine that a warmth filled me. He worked the same position as me and ended up training me. We would talk for hours at work about anything and everything. I developed the biggest crush on him and after a rather embarrassing moment, we started dating. After our first date, I knew this was it.

He Has Good Taste In Books

I know… How is this the first point? I love reading and I may or may not judge people based upon the books they read. We read “The Suspect of Devotion X” together. This book is amazing. The plot twists and genius story line leaves you with your mouth dropped by the end of the book. This book was chosen by him and the fact that he chose such a smart book made me think very highly of him and spoke to his own thinking.

He Knows Everything About Me and Loves Me More

I’m not perfect. I have a past. There’s a lot that’s happened prior to him and he knows every.single.thing. It’s a lot to digest. Hell, I went through it and it’s a lot for me to digest but he did it easily and loves me more because it’s what made me who I am today.

He Loves My Mini

He and mini have a bond outside of he and I. When we started dating and it was finally time for her to meet him, she said, “Mommy can we take him home?” It was the sweetest thing. Watching them together healed a lot of my hurt and stress. To this day, she still lights up hearing his voice or seeing him and that speaks volumes.

He’s Incredibly Smart

Man is he smart. We can sit and talk about anything and everything. He has the most random and pertinent knowledge. I love talking to him and listening to his thoughts on everything. I love the different perspective that he offers with his life experiences.

He Pushes Me To Be Better

Most would already describe me as determined and a go-getter but I have a habit of taking shortcuts. But he pushes me to be better and not let me take those shortcuts. He wants me to be the best that I can be and sees the beauty of who I am–flaws and all.

I Can’t See My Life Without Him

He is my best friend, confidante, lover, everything. I remember talking to my friend Jason about what made him propose to his then wife and he said that he couldn’t see his life without her so why not be with her for forever. It’s such a simple notion that it’s complex. I normally have issues with commitment but not with him. I don’t want to be without him. He balances me.

I love being married to him. Marriage has been a truly amazing experience thus far. My forever looks great because I chose an amazing man to be committed to for eternity.

Married friends, what qualities made your spouse “the one”? How did you know they  were it?