Happy November!!!! Can you believe that we’re already at the end of the year?!?!?! This time has FLOWN by!

Before I get started on goals and updates, I would be remiss if I didn’t first give many thanks to those that are both new and old to my site and those that have shared posts. You guys have no idea how happy it makes me to be scrolling my timeline or in a group I’m apart of on Facebook and see one of my posts in there! I quite literally do a happy jig and my heart is filled with so much joy. So many thanks to you that read and share and really make me feel like I’m helping!

Let’s get started with these November Goals:


TCM Blog

  • Balance out sponsored posts with my organic posts
  • Post a minimum of 3 times per week.
  • Hit 7,000 pageviews
  • Send out 4 Newsletters
  • 2 Sponsored posts
  • Focus on SEO
  • Clean up old posts (add images, SEO words, etc)

TCM Shop

  • Launch the Fall/Winter stuff
  • Develop Mailing List
  • Post 2 products per week

TCM Social Network


  • Take better care of myself by achieving at least 65 checks on my chart weekly (post on this to come)
  • Drop 15 lbs this month
  • Wake up before the kids to have time to myself

How did I do with my October Goals right?

TCM Blog

  • Consistently post 3 times per week.
  • Hit 5,000 Pageviews
  • Develop and share more recipes
  • Send out 4 newsletters (I sent out one so this is in process)
  • Complete 2 Sponsored posts

TCM Shop

  • Complete the Breast Cancer line within the first week (still haven’t finished this!!!)
  • Post 3 new products per week (nope)
  • Develop mailing list for interested customers (nope)

TCM Social Network

  • Grow Twitter followers to 1000
  • Grow Instagram followers to 1000 (so close… I’m at 900+)
  • Grow Pinterest followers to 1200 (nowhere close!)
  • Complete the #OctoberScopers onPeriscope
  • Publish 4 YouTube Videos (I published 2)



  • Win DietBet (I didn’t start one)
  • Have weekends of fun planned for my family
  • Wake up before my kids to have quiet time to prepare myself for the day (didn’t happen)
  • Complete a rebranding of TCM (not yet)


October was a really successful month for my site. There was a lot of great that happened and it showed me some of my possibilities. It was a great starting point for these goals! November is going to be even more of an awesome month and I’m so excited!!!

Have you set your November Goals? What are some of yours?