Shortly before I got pregnant with abc, I did Shaun T’s Insanity. Now, I’m not a big fitness video person. I lose interest rather quickly, get bored and tend to not follow thru with them because of the lack of interaction. Insanity and Shaun T = the exception.

I completed the 3 month plan and loved it. I got stronger, leaner, and my endurance sky rocketed. I did that plus ran and my body saw an awesome difference. When T25 came out, I knew that it would be perfect for my post baby body. If I had been thinking this all the way through, I would have made sure that I had the program when I gave birth so that once I was cleared to work out I could have started it but I didn’t. I started this week though.

I’ve completed the Cardio & Speed 1.0 workouts so far. When I tell you that these 25min are THE HARDEST 25 minutes of my day I mean it. The workouts are essentially Insanity sans breaks. Just straight moving hard for 25 minutes. I love and hate it. By the end of the 25 minutes I’m out of breath and ready to sit down.

I also want to start back running. Next year I plan on completing 1 half and 1 full marathon. I probably won’t do them again after this but I want to complete at least 1 full marathon in my lifetime. I have my first 5k of my return on Saturday morning. I have still yet to run 3 miles since I’ve had the baby. I checked out the route–which was quite confusing–so that I can ready my mind for it.

My goal during the T25 is to run 3-4 times per week. This week it’s looking good and like I’m in track for that. I ran 2.11 miles yesterday, biked 3.something miles & did the lateral elliptical 2.something miles today. I need to get my T25 workout in once I put baby to bed. My body is slightly fatigued. But I’m not running again until Saturday so hopefully I get a decent time. My goal is under 40min–we’ll see.