Silly me. I totally forgot that I’d wanted to include fashion tidbits on my blog!

In my head in this awesome fashionista. I’m stylish enough for my almost 5 year old to respect my outfit decisions for her and compliment my choices but who knows how this translates into the adult world lol!

Whenever I walk outside, I want to look well put together. Whether I’m rocking a business suit, casual, or my workout gear. Ok, maybe not my workout gear. I just can’t justify spending the type of money that allows for color coordination and cutesy looks when I’m going to cover it in sweat anyway. I digress…

In putting together an outfit for yourself, it’s really important to dress for the body that you have–not the one you imagine you have. In my head, I’m this long, lean, pseudo-athletically built woman. And once I lose this happy/baby weight, that’s what I’ll be. But right now, I’m more curvy, thick-waisted and thighed, and I have a bit of a pooch. I’m a work in progress.

With where I am currently, matching my skinny jeans with a fitted top that accentuates my pooch is really not going to lead me down the road of feeling good about myself and changing body. It took some time to realize that my body bouncing back after abc would not be the same as it was with mini. I’m 31 now and things just aren’t the same. So I finally gave in and decided to dress the body that I have now which ultimately meant going up a size or 2 depending on the brand.

Admitting having to go up in my size hurts my ego. Gosh. But what I’m seeing when I look in the mirror is that the size on the tag doesn’t matter as long as I look good in them and I’m working to get where I want to be.

So what am I wearing today?

Today I have on a flowy, secretary blouse that is a sheer, flower print. I have on a purple tank top underneath. I’ve paired this with some stretch boyfriend cut jeans that hit at my ankle. And I’m wearing some cheetah print flats.

I’m wearing very little accessories and makeup since I’m running this afternoon for lunch. I have on my waterproof mascara, a deep burgundy lipstick with a purple-ish gloss on top. And I have on some earrings.

I’m comfy and feel good about what I have on because everything fits!

What tips do you have for fashioning a transitioning body?