On Saturday, July 23rd, Life Time Fitness’s all over the country celebrated bootcamps with BBQ. Full disclosure: I was completely ready to not show up but then I remembered the BBQ part and figured I HAD to come and do a taste test of the food since I have high standards (be clear I’m laughing as I type this). Why didn’t I want to come? I had just been at an awesome and amazing conference for 2 straight days and my mind was trying to process all of the valuable information I had just received. And I didn’t feel like sweating. Ha!

Nonetheless, I dragged my handsome husband to do the bootcamp with me.

Life Time Fitness hosted at Bootcamp & BBQ at various clubs throughout the US. I dragged my husband to one of them and we had a blast! The BBQ was divine!

The Bootcamp

We arrived late (on purpose–I despise a warm-up!) but made it just in time to jump in for our group assignments. Naturally the hubs and I were on the same team–GO RED!!! We completed a series of absurd great moves that were a mix of both strength and cardio. We completed 3 rounds of 5 exercises where we did 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest–classic HiiT style, my fave.

There were 3 stations and out of them all, my favorite was the one with the tires and hurdles. See, in my head I’m always training for the impending zombie apocalypse and jumping over hurdles, doing zig zag dashes, and tossing around heavy tires are all things that we would have to do in the event there was a science experiment gone wrong. Not only that, but it challenged your agility and speed–not just strength. I’m not especially fast of agile but I wasn’t the last or the most winded so I felt really good doing these.


The real reason I came. Listen, I’m a foodie and you guys already know this. I like fantastic food and delicious drinks and BBQ is my favorite. I was skeptical until I saw that there was an authentic smoker sitting poolside that had meat inside calling my name.

Let me tell you this: the BBQ was every bit of a reward after the trainers nearly stole our lives in this bootcamp. There were hamburgers, ribs, and chicken and all were incredibly delicious. As president of Team Eat, abc left childcare to give her seal of approval on the eats enthusiastically. Although the ribs were divine, my fave was the kale salad–so cliche right?

The Aftermath of the Bootcamp & BBQ

There were naps. And sore muscles. And I’m excited to say that they weren’t mine! I LOVE a bootcamp style workout since I suffer from self-diagnosed exercise A.D.D. so the constant change and moving is something that I truly love. But my husband? Nope. He likes to pick heavy things up and put them down. He’s still on my team should the zombie apocalypse come but he’s going to have to get some more cardio in if he’s going to hold a leadership position! He was sore, I was not and I felt REALLY good about that!

It was a great workout followed by some even better food but my favorite was the people. When I go to the gym, I have tunnel vision. I speak to Ceddy on occasion, Kendall when I see him, and the guys in the cafe as I fill up water or tea and that’s it. But being able to chat, cheer, and sweat with others was a lot of fun. It was great to encourage others and be encouraged by them as well. In the end, that’s what matters right? The people.

The Final Week of The Competition

The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly

I’m not going to lie, last week I feel off a bit. It was my birthday week, I was stressed out, a little sad, and surrounded by free DoubleTree Cookies. Naturally I did what most of us who are letting go of self-control do–I indulged. Shamelessly. And no, I didn’t get on the scale this week. But I’m also not beating myself up. I can’t wait to share everything that I’ve learned, loved and hated throughout this competition with my recap so stay tuned!