I didn’t get my first yeast infection until I hit my 20s but bacterial vaginosis? I’ve been battling with that since my teens. My body’s internal pH is SO sensitive that I can’t take baths, or use certain soaps or laundry detergents without the fear that I’ll eventually be plagued by BV. Up until recently, I thought that the only way to treat BV was with a prescription for antibiotics or MetroGel–but it’s not.

What Is Bacterial Vaginosis

According to the Mayo Clinic,

Bacterial vaginosis is a type of vaginal inflammation caused by the overgrowth of bacteria naturally found in the vagina, which upsets the natural balance. Women in their reproductive years are most likely to get bacterial vaginosis, but it can affect women of any age

Mayo Clinic

It’s super annoying and the symptoms can vary. When I used to get BV, I would have this bloated feeling. It wasn’t painful but it was really uncomfortable. And my discharge was watery. Some other symptoms are a gray discharge, itchiness, a fishy smell, and burning when you pee.

Not. Fun.

Medical Treatment

I used to get BV so much that I could just call my doctor and she would call the prescription in. There are oral antibiotics that are typically 5-7 days of treatment. The most common treatment that I received was with MetroGel. It’s a 5-day treatment of pre-filled gel antibiotic that you insert vaginally. This would knock it out and I would have immediate relief.

But then I got a case of bacterial vaginosis that just wouldn’t go away.

What Lead Me To Seek Out Natural Treatments

The last time I had BV was when I first found out I was pregnant with BC. We had just moved, I found out I was pregnant and I felt miserable. So I took a bath because that’s what people do to relax, right?


I ended up with my not-so-beloved BV. I scheduled an appointment with my OB and it was gone in 5 days. But last year I made the decision to start taking Metformin and then I got BV. I don’t know if it caused it but I took Diflucan and I didn’t feel better. I was thinking something was seriously wrong because nothing was helping my symptoms. Then I talked to my girlfriend and shared with her what was happening.

She shared she had something similar happen to her and that she had been dealing with long BV too. And you know what helped her? Boric Acid suppositories. And it helped me too.

After battling with what seemed like a never-ending bought of bacterial vaginosis, I finally got rid of it using natural remedies.

3 Natural Treatments For Bacterial Vaginosis

I’m ordering these from least effective to most effective because I’ve tried them all and they all work.

Good Clean Love, BiopHresh Vaginal Homeopathic Suppository, $16.99

I think this one would be perfect as soon as you notice your pH feeling a little off. You use it 1x daily in the evenings before you go to bed. It comes with 10 pill suppositories that contain 5 million strains of probiotics.

The Honey Pot Herbal 7 Day Suppositories, $17.99

This one made my vaginal area feel amazing while I used it. I used it along with the Honey Pot Herbal Vulva Cream. It’s made with the following ingredients:
Olive Oil, MCT Oil, Avocado Oil, Propolis, Neem Oil, Gluten-Free Oat Oil, Caprylyl-Caprylate/Caprate, Propanediol, Bisabolol, Jojoba Esters, Lavender.
Instead of a pill, it’s a thicker, oval situation. It comes with an applicator that makes it easy to insert.

Boric Acid Suppository with Applicator, $25.19

These here completely knock it out. I use it for 7 days and boom, it’s gone. After 1 use, most of the symptoms have subsided. It contains 600mg of boric acid. It’s important to note that while these look like oral pills, they are NOT. These are to be inserted vaginally.

There are a couple of other brands and remedies out there but I haven’t tried them. I’m really grateful to have found natural remedies for bacterial vaginosis that work because dealing with the symptoms is NOT the business.

As a reminder: this is not medical advice and I’m not a medical professional. I’m sharing my experiences and what works for me.

I guess it’s safe to say my vagina is not meant to be basic.