Like most people during this panorama, I did a lot of ordering from Amazon this year. Between moving, needs changing, and starting a new business, I got quite a bit from there–I don’t want to even look at my total spent. But I do want to share some of my favorite Amazon purchases I made this year in hopes that it helps others!

I made a lot of great buys but these are my favorite Amazon purchases of the year!

My Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2021


I bought two adjustable dumbells that have been super helpful with my workouts.

When we had COVID, we got a Pulse Oximeter Fingertip thing to help make sure our blood was oxygenated.

This acrylic rotating organizer holds all my skincare products in the bathroom.


These sport sweatbands really stop the sweat from pouring on my face–and I sweat a lot.

This brush hair dryer was super useful for when I had 3 heads of hair to dry.

These silicone basting brushes I’ve wanted and needed for some time and I finally got them.


I got these pouf covers so that I could stuff my fabric scraps in there. They’ve been so helpful in preventing waste.


We moved into our new house this month so purchases started to ramp up.

This is our dining room set and it’s suuuuuch good quality.

I got this desk for my husband for his work from home set up. He loves it.

I didn’t know I needed a 4-slot toaster until I got one.

These are the topiary panels that are on my wall and I love them so much.

I upgraded my work situation with this 27-in iMac and it was such a good investment.

This ClosetMaid Cubical Bench is sooooo good. It has slots for each of the kids.


Don’t judge but these barf bags? The best. BC gets motion sick and these are perfect. No more car covered in puke.

This 65-gallon compost bin has reduced our food waste by so much.

Look at my espresso machine!!! Best. Investment. Ever!

This kid’s desk is the best. It grows with BC so it’s going to last for a while.

BC’s room is dino-themed so I got this cute playtime rug that has all of his interests.


This Logitech BRIO is a must-have in the age of virtual conferencing. The picture and sound is so clear.

These weekly pill organizers help me keep my supplements on track.


These velvet chair covers are everything. They cover them perfectly and they can be washed easily.

I love these mask chains. They make it easy so that when you take your mask off to eat or drink, you don’t have to risk contaminating them.

These accent tables are such a beautiful compliment to our mustard futon.

This massage gun is epic. Sore anything and it knocks it out.


My BGM Peloton group calls these “titty slings” and listen, they be slanging! My boobs stay put and I look cute.

I got this play money set to use with Mini and her chores. It’s so helpful.


This shelf is SO sexy. I know, weird. But dammit it looks so good in my room.

I love this Magnetic Wireless Charging Station. I can charge my watch, phone and AirPods at once.

This is my treadmill and I love it. It folds up and completely out the way.

A bidet. Yep. I got it because I didn’t want to get caught up in the toilet paper gate again.


This half-gallon water bottle is the only way I get my daily water intake in.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this watch band but it’s legit super cute.

My favorite slippers!!!! I want to get them in every color I can!

This glass whiteboard is the best.


This shipping label printer is something every business that ships need.

I just got these measuring cups and love them. I love that they stack out of the way making it easy to measure and keep track of.

Alright friends. That’s it!

What were some of your favorite Amazon purchases this year?