The hubs and I don’t get out like we’d like to so that we can have adult time that’s special for the two of us. It’s so easy to fall into the “I’m comfortable” rut once you have kids but keeping that connection between husband and wife is so important. Once you’re done raising the kids, all you’ll have is each other!

So because we can’t go out (no babysitter unless my mom is in town), we stay in and have our dates. Here are a couple of fun (and a little bit spicy) indoor date ideas:

1. Dinner and a Movie

I know, typical. But instead of including the kids at the dinner table, feed them, put those little heads in beds and just have dinner with the two of you. I will normally make one of his favorite dishes and we are able to sit and connect without interruption. Not that we don’t enjoy hearing every.single.detail of mini’s day, but it’s nice to talk without interruption. Follow that up with a nice, adult movie–you know, the ones without singing and dancing animated characters–and it’s a nice, mellow evening with just the two of you.

2. Dance Party

I love to dance. In my head, I’m as good as a Beyonce choreographer. In reality, well, let’s just say that I can work with what I’ve got. The first time that I turned the music on and got him to dance with me it did feel silly. When you’re at a club or lounge you tend to get caught up in the energy that’s around you. When it’s just you two, you’re forced to focus on just you guys which can be awkward at first. But once you get comfortable, you realize that connecting with just the two of you is nice. I use Songza and my favorite playlists are The Quiet Storm, Hip Hop & R&B Valentine’s Day and Seductive Soul.

3. Strip Uno

Yep. Your favorite childhood game turned into an adult one. According to the hubs, this is one of his favorite dates. I’m super competitive and he’s naturally really good at card games so it was really fun. Grab some wine and easy snacks and it’s a great date that leads to a great……….connection later *wink wink*.

4. Indoor Picnic & Outdoor S’mores

I LOOOVE picnics. I don’t know why. There’s something about sitting on the floor eating sandwiches and other cold foods that makes me feel so happy. Add a bottle of wine, a fire pit and some marshmallows and I’m the happiest in the world. Just be sure to have some citronella burning or the night bugs will surely put a damper on the mood.

5. Just Hang Out

As I was talking to the hubs about his favorite indoor dates, just hanging out together was definitely his favorite. We love certain shows (Agents of Shield, OITNB, Sense8, etc) and we use our evenings to just hang out and watch TV. It’s nice to veg out with your person who you can let your proverbial hair down with. We’re normally touching in some way–my legs on him, his arm on me–which brings the sense of comfortable intimacy.

The hubs and I have a rather casual marriage. One of our favorite things to do is to sit and say/do nothing with each other. I love his presence. But often times married couples get too comfortable and forget to make things special and honor the commitment that we have to one another. This is so important. The connection between spouses is so important in the role of parenting. Talking about each other’s days, listening to the struggles, and helping each other through them is definitely important. And catering to each other is too. Massages, soft music, candles, whatever it is you need in order to feel connected to each other you should do but don’t use the excuse of not having a baby sitter.

Make tonight and every night special for each other, after all, it’s till death do you part right?

What are some great indoor dates you guys have?