Whether it’s kids, finances or a pandemic that’s forcing you and your loved one to stay home for dates, these evenings can still be made fun and creative with a little preparation. The reality is that having an arsenal of at-home date night ideas is always a good idea because spending that time together is so important. Nurturing your marriage when you have children is incredibly important because it enables you and your spouse to be on the same page working better as a team.

But Aaronica, I’m not creative or romantic. How can I make this work for me?

No worries… I’ve got you covered with my favorite date night subscription boxes that take the work out of it for you.

5 Creative & Fun At-Home Date Night Ideas

For The Puzzle Lovers

Escape rooms are so much fun but getting out of the house and coordinating a time to do them can prove near impossible sometimes. This is why I love the Escape Crate–a bi-monthly subscription box for really fun at-home date night idea. Every other month the makers will ship out an hour-long game that can be enjoyed either just with your love or your family. Internet IS required for this game as they send you secret codes to decode.

This box is super affordable too. It’s $26.50 every other month which is a great investment in your relationship! Want more details? Click here.

If you want your puzzles delivered more frequently, check out the Finders Seekers Mysteries. This is another escape room style game that can be played as a family or you can wait until the kids are sleeping before whipping the game out and enjoying some quality time with your honey. These puzzles take between 2-4 hours to complete and have some additional online support as well. This is also really affordable at $25/month.

Grab your box here.

Get Crafty Together

Whether you’re both raging creatives or analytical thinkers, being creative together is really fun. The Adults & Crafts Crate is perfect since the box contains everything you all will need to make your crafts together. For $30 a month, you and your love will get a variety of projects ranging from wine caddies to epoxy resin to candles and more.

Get your box here.

Good, Clean Loving *wink wink*

Let’s be real here: sometimes the best at home date night ideas are “just” a night of physically connecting. When you have kids, having a quality lovemaking session can be few and far between. While sneaking off to have quickies while the kids’ nap or Dora babysits, there’s nothing like a night of passion. Organic Loven Box offers three different boxes that deliver just that in a different way.

These boxes are packed with organic and eco-friendly intimate body products, body-safe sex toys, and sex-positive books. These boxes range from $38.25 on up to $80.

Grab your box here.

There's always going to come a time where you're going to need to keep the dates home. Here are 5 fun ideas for at-home date nights to keep the fire going.

Focus On Your Love

Dates are supposed to grow your relationship and this doesn’t stop with marriage. Just because you’ve gotten married doesn’t mean you stop doing the things that made it so you wanted to get married. Which is why the Crated With Love box is so perfect. Every month you and your love get to experience something new and exciting together from scaling mountains to trips to Mars. This box has an affordable starting point at $20/month.

Grab your box here.

Stay In For A Drink

I remember thinking that when I would get married I would send my husband sexy text messages saying things like “meet me at the bar of hotel XX”. While we still have time for that, we aren’t there yet. But that doesn’t mean that we still can’t grab a drink together. Shake & Spoon is a monthly subscription box that introduces you and your boo to a new drink monthly. Stay in. Have a drink. Enjoy each other.

Grab your box here.

Whether you’re a homebody, on lockdown, just had a baby or are just looking for more options in dating your spouse, I hope you find this information useful!

What are some of your favorite at-home date night ideas?