The hubs and are getting ready to conclude our first year of marriage. In this first year of marriage we’ve had a new baby and have been parenting our 5 year old daughter. He’s gotten a new job. I’ve started a new business. Needless to say our first year is nothing short of transitional. We generally don’t fight or argue. Disagreements are rare. But he puts up with a lot and I appreciate him.

Right now i’m having a serious insecurity trip about my body. When I stepped on the scale at the doctors office when getting checked out, the numbers seriously disappointed me. If i wasn’t already in tons of physical pain, I probably would have burst into tears on the spot. I feel huge. Fluffy. Pretty, but there’s a lot more of me to prettify now. My clothes don’t fit. My list of critiques are seemingly endless.

But all my husband sees is me being beautiful.

I appreciate how he doesn’t do double takes at other women.

I’m not so insecure that I think he’d cheat but I’m sure that if I caught my husband who’s eyes i wanted to keep on me looking elsewhere, that sting would feel more like a California forest fire. But he doesn’t look. He doesn’t even seem to see other women.

I appreciate how he always looks at me as if it were his first time seeing me.

I’ve never seen him look at anyone the way he looks at me. Sure, he tells me i’m beautiful. He tells me he loves me just the way I am. He tells me a lot but the most telling thing to me is the look in his eyes when he sees me get out the shower. Or when he’s watching me with our girls. Or just period. It’s as if his eyes were only meant for me.

I appreciate how no matter how much I beat up on myself, highlight all my imperfections am hard on myself, he disregards what I see and continues to see me through his lens.

He doesn’t seem to care if my waistline returns from vacationing in Cabo or not. He still loves me in dresses and skirts and heels. He thinks I’m beautiful in the morning when I smell like sleep or the evening when I smell of milk and baby.

It’s not easy being a new mom and wife but it certainly can’t be easy supporting that woman. And he is my rock on all levels so I certainly appreciate him. He is warm, kind, loving, and caring in the midst of all that he’s dealing with as well.

The relationship between a husband and wife is sacred and should be held close to the heart daily. Anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, etc., are all great days to celebrate and appreciate your love the best day is today.