You have to eat to lose. 

Not just anything either. You have to have healthy portions of good carbs, fats, proteins, veggies, etc. When I set out this go round to lose weight, I neglected to remember that I have to eat. Balancing building a business with raising a family, enjoying wifehood with taking care of myself had been a little tougher for me. 

Today I decided to take better control of that. During my shopping trip at Trader Joe’s on Monday, I bought some chicken tenderloins with the intent of grilling up enough for abc and I for the week. It’s Wednesday and I’m JUST now getting to it! I grilled those, made a big chopped salad and this harvest grain thing I’d gotten and been afraid to try since buying it. Using my Weight Watchers plate, I divided my food up and devoured it. Muy delicioso!!! 


Abc even ate all of hers! 

Talking my weight loss issues over with the hubs last night we both agreed I wasn’t eating enough calories for my body to even release weight. I’m stuck in starvation mode. I’m going to get out of it day by day and delicious meal by meal. 

How do you meal plan? What are some of your favorite healthy meals?