Yes, we’re talking about personal lubricants–not the kind for your cars! I remember when I found out about lube for the first time–it was Astroglide. I was amazed at how it worked BUT what was more amazing to me was the ingredients: Purified Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Polyquaternium 15, Methylparaben, Propylparabe. WHAT IS THIS STUFF I WAS PUTTING IN MY BODY!?!?

I couldn’t pronounce most of these words. No bueno.

So I stopped using lube altogether. But let’s be real here: between age, lifestyle, and my body changes courtesy of hormones, some extra lubrication can sometimes be needed. After having my babies, I became more conscious about what I was putting in my body–both food and otherwise. Since keeping things moist can sometimes be challenging, I did some hands-on research *wink wink* and found some awesome natural lubes.

The Best Natural Lubes On the Market

Coconut Oil

Yes, friends, you read that right. Coconut oil is one of the most slept on natural lubes out there. Now I do want to point out 2 major things when using coconut oil because it’s not for everyone:

  • It can cause an imbalance in your pH because of it’s antibacterial and antifungal properties. We’re all different so just keep an eye out for this.
  • It’s oil based so it can’t be used with condoms.

I will say this: because my internal pH agrees with it, this is my lube of choice. It also causes no questions if it’s next to the bed the next morning.

LOLA Personal Lubricant

LOLA is a powerhouse brand that offers organic and natural solutions to woman’s menstrual cycles as well as personal care products. I haven’t used their pads before but I’ve heard great things about them. LOLA has their personal lubricant that is water-based and packaged beautifully.

Curious Personal Lubricant

Curious prides themselves on offering an entire intimate skincare line that’s free of the harmful ingredients like parabens, mineral oils, etc. They are very transparent with ingredients and their products have been formulated with the body’s pH and biome in mind. *two snaps for Curious!*

Grab the Curious Personal Lubricant here for 20% off with code VDAY2020

WYLD Lube + Massage Oil

This is an oil-based lube that is also edible. *HELLO!* I love the packaging of this here lube and everything that this brand speaks to.

Coconut Love Oil by WOO

This lube has over 800 reviews and is rated 5 stars soooooo this may be a winner here. It’s oil-based and get this–it has stevia in it which means it’s got a little sweetness to it!

Coconu Oil Based

This is another 5-star coconut oil based natural lube. This brand also offers a water-based (safe to use with condoms) option as well.

Grab the Coconu Lube here.

Almost Naked Personal Lubricant by Good Clean Love

I met a representative from this brand a couple years ago and at the time, I thought it was taboo to be talking about sex on my site yet here I am today… I digress… Almost Naked has a unique blend that is oil-free. It’s aloe based and infused with lemon and vanilla for a slightly sweet taste. Yes, friends, we like this one too!

Grab yours here with 20% off and free shipping using coupon code LOVEINTHEAIR.

Sex Stuff Personal Lubricant by LOVE Wellness

This personal lubricant was designed with women’s pH and vaginal microbiome in mind. **Sidenote: I love when brands speak to our biome because of everything I learned with Seed Synbiotic.** This one is also aloe-based but it does have a lot more ingredients than others which can be a turn off.

Grab Sex Stuff here.

The Sex Gel by Necessaire

If there was any question about what this post was about and what this product is supposed to be used for, this clears it up. This is a water-based (condom-friendly) lubricant that can even be found at Nordstrom–fancy, huh? They are VERY transparent about ingredients on their site and I really love that.

Shine Organic by Maude

This is one of the only products that specifies that it’s safe to use when trying to conceive and honestly, this is important. Using lube when trying to conceive can be helpful given the biology of it all. Shine Organic is a water-based lube that is condom-friendly and really cost-efficient give the amount that you get for $25.

Alu by Dame

Dame has all sorts of intimacy products including water-based lube Alu. The packaging makes me giggle a little because, well, look:

So there we have it! Natural lubes for you to give a try! Remember: most oil-based lubes are not safe (effective) to use with condoms where as the water and aloe based ones are. Happy sexing!

Dryness can happen to the best of us with of age, hormones and lifestyle. But don't trust your internal pH to just anything--check out these natural lubes.
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