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My hair grows like a Chia pet–I know. But this time after cutting off all my hair, it seems to be growing back faster and that’s by design. I’ve finally figured out the secret to getting my hair to grow faster.

But why did you cut your hair if you just wanted it to grow back?

I know… I know. I cut my hair for 2 reasons:

  1. My hair was super damaged from all the bleaching I had done to my hair a couple years ago. It was unhealthy, breaking, dry and brittle.
  2. I needed a change. Like a drastic one. And for women, that starts with our hair!
One of the big questions I get about my hair is how I get it to grow. Well, now I've put together my routine to grow your hair faster!
This is two days before I cut my hair.

I did NOT cut my hair because I didn’t want long hair though. I was really enjoying the length so having to cut it didn’t make me the happiest in the world. But you know what grows super fast? Healthy hair.

My Healthy Hair Routine To Grow Your Hair Faster

The day I cut my hair in October.

I Wash My Hair Once A Week

For some, this is a normal thing. But there was a time that I was washing my hair more often than that for fresh curls. Now, I wash my hair one time weekly with shampoos that have no sulfates, parabans, silicones, etc. My favorite shampoo to use is the Ethique Bar Shampoo. I struggle with dandruff so I’ve been using the Kiwi bar. It’s so good for your scalp and the earth.

One month later–November

Deep Condition Weekly

And by deep condition I mean I’m sitting under the dryer with some warmth and letting that conditioner penetrate my follicles. I use the Ethique Conditioner bar following the shampoo and when my curls need some extra love. For my deep conditioner, I use the Alaffia Hair Mask. Not only are these hair products really great, but the brand’s mission is really amazing too.

December 2019

Follow The LOC Method When Styling

The LOC Method is super easy: apply a leave-in conditioner, oil and then a cream to seal in the moisture. I do this before applying the Mielle Organics Coil Sculpting Custard— this stuff is the truth!

January 2020

Sleep With Either Silk or Satin on My Head

This is not just a Black girl thing either. Sleeping with silk or satin is great for EVERY hair type and texture. It helps to prevent split ends and reduces the moisture leaving your hair as you sleep. You can either wear a bonnet or get a pillowcase.

February 2020

I Take RidgeCrest Herbals Hair ReVive™ 

This is probably the biggest change. Every single product that I’ve ever tried from RidgeCrest Herbals works so after I cut my hair, I decided to start taking the Hair ReVive™. Let me preface this by saying, in order for you to see results from this product, you need to take it consistently. This is not the type of product you take once in awhile–the bottle also advises of this too.

One of the big questions I get about my hair is how I get it to grow. Well, now I've put together my routine to grow your hair faster!
March 2020

Naturally, Hair ReVive™ has Biotin in it like most other hair growth products but RidgeCrest Herbals is really big on the impact of using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Their ingredients are broken down in the following way:

  • Stress Nutrition Complex – these ingredients work to minimize the adverse effects of stress with vitamins & minerals.
  • Hair Growth Complex – these ingredients are focused on hair health and growth.
  • Hormone Balancing Complex – these ingredients are in tune with thyroid function
  • Chinese Herbal Hair Complex – herbs that have been found to be useful for hair growth and health.

This product is also really great for moms dealing with postpartum hair loss and thinning edges. While the ingredients in Hair ReVive™ are focused on hair health, other parts of your body will feel the effects too and I love that.

So there you have it… the answer to how I’ve gotten my hair to grow longer this fast! Grab your bottle of Hair ReVive here and get a jumpstart on your hair growth too!

One of the big questions I get about my hair is how I get it to grow. Well, now I've put together my routine to grow your hair faster!