I would be lying if I didn’t admit that some days are easier than others to love up on my children. On those days, I sincerely struggle with figuring out just how to cater to their needs so I came up with a list of 25 ways to show my kids I love them. These are broken down by the 5 Languages of Love because this is a concept that I not only believe in but has proven useful with my own children.

Ready to show your kids you love them? Here are 25 ways that correspond with the 5 Love Languages that anyone can do right now.

25 Ways To Show Your Kids You Love Them

Quality Time:

  • Take them to the movies to see the latest kid flick.
  • Create conversation cards to chat about with them.
  • Do a fun craft together.
  • Have a movie night at home filled with popcorn and snuggles.
  • Go to the park and play with your child.

Acts of Service

  • Make them their favorite meal.
  • Pack them their favorite snack.
  • Do one of their chores for them.
  • Do something that they’ve asked you to do–within reason.
  • Offer to help them with something they’re having difficulty with.

Words of Affirmation

  • Leave a note for them affirming something they’ve done.
  • Always say “I love you”.
  • Praise them aloud in front of people.
  • Speak affirmations with them.
  • Come up with a cheer or song that has their name in it.

Physical Touch

  • Hold hands even when not crossing the street.
  • Hug at least 12 times a day.
  • Cuddle them often.
  • Put your arm around them when reading a book.
  • Rub their faces gently.


  • Make their favorite meal.
  • Give them presents randomly.
  • Make sure to have presents during birthdays and holidays.
  • Give them the opportunity to earn gifts.
  • Make a scavenger hunt for a special gift.

It’s easy to think and hope that our kids know that we love them but it’s important that we show them as well. Not sure what your child’s love language is? Check out this post by Busy Kids Happy Mom for some help in determining what your child’s language is.