Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ve seen that it’s pretty much open season on black men. Not only is it a problem that random people are killing black people, cops are out here executing blacks, whites, whomever it is they decide should die. This is problematic on so many levels. The first being that what’s the point in the judge and the jury if the cops won’t let them even make it there. And there’s the issue with our children. If cops are out here killing just because they feel like they have the authority to do so, how can we with good faith direct our children to them for help?


I was thinking about this the other day as mini and I were going over stranger danger and how to handle a situation if she’s lost. She asked if she should as for help from a police officer. Though I was able hold back my scoff, I couldn’t tell her to go to a police officer for help. And that’s really when it hit me how scary things have become. What if my child is in danger and is running to a cop and they perceive her as being dangerous and just pop off a couple rounds in her?

I would die.


The purpose of police officers is to “Protect and Serve”, not be the judge and the jury when deciding who lives or dies for whatever crimes they may or may not have commited. In the wake of Ferguson, Eric Garner, and now Freddie Gray, how can we trust them? For that matter, how can we trust our neighbors who true feelings are being shared in comments on articles? How is it that we live in a country that we are supposedly “innocent until proven guilty” yet everyone is so eager to justify blood on the cops hands with whatever crime they had yet to be convicted of? How do we send our babies out into the streets comfortably without fearing for their lives?

What are you telling your children about who will keep them safe?