2020 has been the single hardest year of my life and that’s saying a lot given what happened in 2009. But because of that, there’s also been a lot of growth and that should be celebrated. So whether you believe in Santa or not, the 2020 Holiday Gift Guide is sure to help you out.

2020 Holiday Gift Guide For Busy People

When the pandemic first hit this year, I was really rooting for the small businesses to win. I’m a small business myself so every.single.cent that I make goes directly to my family. Knowing that this is how other small businesses were, I wanted to make sure that I supported them as much as possible.

Pretty much all of the gifts that are listed in here are things that I’ve purchased throughout the year or plan to purchase for this holiday. But for this year’s gift guide, I wanted to share some of the things that I’ve really loved. Like who knew I needed handmade shoes or a purse that went from a tote to a backpack? It’s made things way easier when out and about though.

Honorable mentions on this list are the following:

  • The CBD Bath Bombs from The Rose and the Hemp are amazing. I don’t normally do baths because it disrupts my pH but these are really amazing.
  • FitBeads are my absolute favorite waist beads. These have been my favorite addition to my jewelry stash this year.
  • The custom name necklace is a favorite. Whenever I wear it, I always get asked where I get it from. I love that I was able to pick different fonts for the different personalities of my children.
  • The Black Lives Matter Sweatshirt with the tropical plants on it is truly lovely. This collection also has a mug and t-shirt.

So if you’re looking for gifts, check this gift guide out. It’s got things in here for everyone and each link is from a small business that would love your support.

Happy shopping!

2020 has been the year no one expected and that's all the more reason to get these dope gifts from the 2020 holiday gift guide which is in support of small businesses.