Only a select few strive for misery in life while the rest of us are intent on achieving happiness. People think that it’s as easy as making a decision to be happy–but there’s more to happiness then simply deciding. Sometimes we can’t change some of the factors that are contributing to the unhappy but we can control our behaviors.

5 Quick Tips For Happiness

Here are 5 quick tips to get happiness on your side:

1. Get enough sleep: The definition of enough varies from person to person but we all feel better about life when we’re well rested. Go to bed on time and don’t snooze in the morning. Doctors suggest 7 hours of sleep though I’m normally feeling glorious after 6. But sleep–it makes a difference.

2. Workout: Working out makes you feel better about yourself since you’ve done something to take care of you. It’s recommended that you get at least 150 minutes of activity in per week. My husband can always tell when I haven’t been to the gym–the cranky factor is all over the place.

3. Say No: And don’t follow it up with anything. So often we have so many commitments that it’s overwhelming. Who can feel happy being overwhelmed? I can’t. It’s stifling. Saying “No” is so freeing.5 Tips to Increasing Your Happy

4. Smile at yourself: I know, it’s a little weird. But when you pass by a mirror, look at yourself and smile. Appreciate all that is reflected in that mirror and smile big. Smiling releases those good feeling endorphins and tricks your body into thinking you’re happier than you are–resulting in you being that happy!

5 Tips to Increasing Your Happy

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5. Get help: Sometimes we need it. Whether the help is someone taking the kids to give you a break or taking something to help you. Having a 5 year old and 1 year old in the midst of their own phases in life leaves me really cranky. Some days none of the above helps and I hate being in a funk. I started taking Mood Enhancer – Pure 5HTP by ChronosPharma in the evenings before bed. Not only has it helped with more restful sleep, but I’ve been a happier person. If you could use some more help, I’d definitely recommend Pure 5HTP (I even have a coupon for you!! Use code: 7PE64YHX).

Misery loves company but so does happiness so choose happy!

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What things do you do to make you happy?

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