I first used the Peloton Bike in 2019 when I was going to the YMCA. While the seat killed my booty, I really enjoyed taking the classes on the schedule of a homeschooling mom trying to fit fitness in when I had the time and energy. But then I started following their social media and you know what I didn’t see? People who looked like me and I came to the conclusion that maybe Peloton wasn’t for me. But smack in the middle of the never-ending pandemic, I bought a Peloton bike despite me not feeling like it was for me. So why did I get one, right?

Because my mental and physical health depended on it.

Peloton Has Revolutionized Working Out At Home Together

I love being active and working out. In “normal” life, I love running, swimming, kickboxing, dancing, lifting weights, spin classes and more. But in this weird new normal, I hadn’t been able to get my life together. Over the summer, I had started taking these dope bootcamps virtually with a local gym EFFECT Fitness. I LOVED it. I felt so connected to the gym because I knew people who were taking the classes.

But then I fell when I went to vote early and all my activity went out the window. I rolled my right ankle and fell completely out onto my left knee. This happened on October 16 and it’s December and I’m still not fully healed. For awhile, I let that stop my movement but then my best friend, the person that I’m closest to outside of my husband, told me that she needed help because her blood pressure was high and her sister told her to buy a Peloton. I told her if she needed me to purchase the bike that day I would and we would get our health together, well, together. And we did.

I Wanted To Help Her But I Needed Help Too

While I hated that I didn’t see plus size women or men on Peloton social media, so many of my friends swore by Peloton for the newfound consistency with working out. Now, this was something I could get behind. Consistency is one of the things that I struggle most with. I can start, but it’s really hard for me to finish or just keep going. And this is something I needed help with.

Being active is good for you. I love it. But sometimes getting ready to be active can really make things harder. Pants normally slip and slide off me. Being a D cup means making sure to find a supportive bra so that you don’t knock yourself in the face with a titty. Navigating fitness while plus size is a little harder than you would think but being able to just “hop” on my Peloton and go? This has truly made working out easier for me and this is something I needed.

My Favorite Features Of The Peloton

The App

I’m not new to the Peloton bike. I knew I loved those classes from the handful I took at the gym. But the rest of the classes? Oh. Em. Gee. These are so good. I can cast the classes from my phone, iPad, or Peloton bike to my Roku or LG TV. They have yoga, meditation, cardio, dance, strength training, stretching, and more. I’ve taken the Beyonce and Outkast yoga classes with Chelsea (my fellow Spelman Sister) and they were SO good. Because of my knee, I was able to take seated and standing only yoga classes as well which was really helpful to me.

The Video Messaging

During my first ride with my best friend, we found out you could video message through the whole class. When I tell you I LOVE this feature, I mean it. It was so fun to sweat, struggle and motivate each other during the class. This was something I wasn’t able to do at the Y and look forward to doing more of as we do more rides together.

The Instructors


I’m not sure if this is mandatory or not but all the instructors I’ve taken are like life coaches as well. These classes are hard–yes, even the beginner classes–but during each of the classes, I’ve felt like the instructors looked into the camera and spoke to me when I needed it. I took a hard class with Tunde (who is just so beautiful) and when she told me I could finish when all I wanted to do was quit, I felt it in my spirit and finished hard. These instructors will not go easy on you but goodness… their messages always hit hard.


The Convenience

I walk downstairs and hop on the bike. If I’m working, I can get up from work and hop on the bike. I roll out of bed into a yoga class. It doesn’t matter the time or day of the week, there’s something always available for me to hop into with ease.

My Not-So-Favorite Things About The Peloton

I know… quiet as it’s kept, there are some not-so-great things…

The Seat

Listen… I have ASSets that need a little more space and love. The Peloton seat is TINY and while I know my butt would have gotten used to it, I didn’t want to sit in discomfort while that happened. Where I am in life, I just can’t willingly sign up to haze my body. I’m already battling the lactic acid build-up from these instructors whooping my ass so I bought the first seat recommended to me and haven’t looked back since. Yeah, it’s a game-changer.

The Shoes

I’m not sure if it’s because I have wide feet but towards the end of classes, they go numb BUT I still have space in the toes. It doesn’t feel good! My friend Natasha swears by the Nike shoes but we’ll see.

The Cult-ish Vibes

I love a great community like the next person but the Peloton cult community is unlike any I’ve seen. It’s almost obsessive. I don’t do well in clique’s so this may be why but it’s a smidge off-putting for me.


Buying My Peloton Was A Really Good Choice For Me

Expensive? Yes.

A great choice? Also yes. While the cult-ish obsession will forever go over my head, I’m looking forward to my continued use of the Peloton bike and app as a way to keep me active and get back to a healthier version of myself.

Are you a Peloton person? If no, what’s holding you back?