When you become a new mom, your old life tends to go out the window – and with it, your sleep! One of the best ways to make sure you stay rested is to ensure your little one does.

Here are just ten tips for helping your baby sleep comfortably, so you can get that all-important shuteye:

Sleeping babies are probably the cutest things in the world next to kittens and baby rabbits sleeping in glasses. But getting them that way can prove to be difficult so check out these tips to get them (and keep them) sleeping comfortably!

Buy a safe cot

For a cot to be safe, it has to adhere to a number of safety regulations. A brand new, good quality cot will normally be labeled with this information, so if you are concerned it’s best not to go second-hand. If you’re a first time mom, take some time to read a cot buying guide before you commit.

Buy a safe mattress

The mattress in a baby’s cot should be firm and tightly fitted, meaning it doesn’t shift around in the night allowing for any gaps that your baby might get caught in.

Perfect the bedding

It’s not safe to put small babies to sleep with pillows, duvets or even large soft toys. Instead, opt for sleeping bags that fasten to the baby’s body, or a light blanket tucked into the mattress at the baby’s chest level.

Check the nose!

If your little one is going to sleep, then they need to be able to breathe easily. Check their nose before you put them down for the night and clear out any blockages. It’s also a good idea to run a duster or vacuum around the room.

Don’t overstimulate

Most moms know not to have their baby around loud noises or bright lights before putting them down for the night. But even making eye contact with your child can overstimulate them. It goes against your mother’s instinct, but avoiding eye contact will help your baby drift off quicker.

Make sure the room isn’t too hot

Babies are little furnaces, and they don’t need a warm room to sleep comfortably! The ideal temperature for a young child is 65-75 Fahrenheit.

Put your baby down for the night when they’re drowsy, not fast asleep

If your baby falls asleep before you’re due to put them down, gently wake them up. Take them to their bedroom and then lull them back to sleep. When they’re becoming drowsy put them down and leave the room. This way, your child will learn to soothe him or herself without needing mom.

Use white noise

Low-pitched white noise, such as the sound of rain on a roof, works best for soothing babies and easing them into a comfortable sleep.

Don’t go to them the first time they cry

When you hear your child crying, your instinct is to jump up and go comfort them, but you should resist this urge to begin with. Your child may end up only crying for a few minutes, before self-soothing and going back to sleep.

If they wake up, don’t turn the lights on

Your child needs to learn that light = awake and dark = asleep. When they wake in the night, try to avoid turning on the lights in their room. Instead, use a nightlight or a small lamp.

With just a few small adjustments your baby will dozing off to sleep in no time, allowing you to rest and recover for the next busy day.

Nobody wants to be a zombie mom so which of these tips will you start using TODAY?