It feels like it was just yesterday that I was pregnant with Mini and making the decision to breastfeed for the first time. Being completely honest, I wasn’t 100% committed to this idea of breastfeeding. I was 25 and going through a really rough time in life. Divorce, an unplanned pregnancy and jobless–rough time doesn’t fully describe things! I just wanted things to be as easy as possible. She was my first experience in breastfeeding and I loved it.

My Experience In Breastfeeding Three Children

When I was pregnant with Mini, I wasn’t working. I had no extra income for formula so Mini’s options were left and right–boobs that is. I had no knowledge of tongue ties, flat nipples, and other challenges that other moms face. I’m incredibly grateful too because I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have the first experience I had with Mini.

This was one of the first times I ever breastfed Mini in public. Note the blanket over her head.

Mini was born into my hands. My doctor helped pull her onto my chest as soon as she was born. She latched like a champ. We had no issues whatsoever during the duration of our 13 month breastfeeding relationship. She was honestly an easy baby all around but nursing her… my goodness. It was the introduction I needed into this life. She bit me a total of once. I told her no and that was it. We both got antsy around the same time and weaning her was easy.

My Second Time Around

Now abc was NOT the same experience at all. Friends, we almost didn’t make it. She was born fast and the room wasn’t ready for her. Well, I knew she was coming but the nurses didn’t believe me. Nonetheless, I pulled her up on my chest the same way. But when I brought her to my breast to latch, I about died.

Her latch was horrible. It hurt so badly. The terrible latch coupled with the intense pain of my uterus shrinking was almost unbearable. I tried not to take the pain meds because I was concerned about something being transferred to the baby. I remember sitting on my bed crying as I iced my nipples because of abc’s terrible latch. But we got through it. I fixed her latch multiple times and finally we got it.

But then she began teething and she got great comfort (to be read as entertainment) from biting me. Y’all. She drew blood. From my nipples. I cried and swore she would never nurse again–until the next time she cried. Weaning her was not the most pleasant experience either. My husband had to do it because I was weak. We had a 16 month long relationship that almost didn’t make it a week.

Third Time Is A Charm

With BC I didn’t know what to expect. They say boys are different than girls and they are right. I swear this boy was born to latch and he latched on strong as soon as he was born. His suck has ALWAYS been on 1000–the nurse used her finger to comfort him while doing something in the hospital and remarked about how strong his jaw was.

We’re now 11 months into our journey and we’ve gotten thru the biting, terrible latching and more. I’m pretty sure that weaning won’t be easy because he’s truly addicted to the boob. He’s a boobie monster and loves every moment he gets to snuggle with me while nursing. We’re just getting him to sleep through the night without nursing and I’m enjoying that but he’s my final baby so I don’t know how long this will last!

Breastfeeding can be this beautiful thing. Everyone touts that breast is best and many women can feel like it’s obligation to breastfeed. But sometimes it’s not a beautiful experience. Most times it’s really hard. As a breastfeeding mom, you have to consider what you’re wearing, what you’re eating, your bras, and more. It’s truly a commitment.

This is just my experience in breastfeeding. Have you been a breastfeeding mama? What was your experience like?