I partnered with Wellements to share my thoughts and opinions on how their products have helped me with teething.

Teething is literally the worst thing that babies and parents go through until potty training–which is pretty awful as well. But there are 10 things in particular that really grind my gears as it pertains to teething.

10 Things I Hate About Teething

  1. Sleepless nights.
  2. The excess mucous that causes baby to become a leaky faucet.
  3. Drool getting all over the place and people.
  4. Cranky babies.
  5. Babies biting everything in the world–especially the things they aren’t supposed to.
  6. Sore nipples from babies using boobs to soothe themselves.
  7. Having to change onesies so often because they drooled through them.
  8. The discomfort and strain that teething causes their little faces.
  9. Did I mention sleepless nights?
  10. Upset tummies.

This is my third and final time going through this teething process. While I’m not happy that my baby is growing up so fast, I am happy that I won’t have to do this again. BC is taking me to through the storm and back again with this teething thing. I learned a couple of really great lessons with my girls and we’ve applied them here but guys… we needed more.

10 Things I Hate About Teething

Using What We Already Knew

While all babies are NOT the same, there are a couple tricks that I’ve learned from the previous babies. With Mini, I did put bourbon on her gums. Yes, this is an old wive tale that I can get behind. Prior to trying the bourbon, I tried pure vanilla extract and while it tasted great, it did nothing for her. With abc, she rocked an amber teething necklace from the time she was about 3 months old. She looked like a TRUE hippie baby! We also did the chicken bone for her which she loved. We’ve done all these with BC but he needs more since mama has NOT been sleeping so well courtesy of his discomfort!

10 things I hate about teething

Trying Something New

We have a sleep routine but that routine has since been modified since finding Wellements! They have an entire line of goodies that we’ve been using but these are the ones we’ve specifically found useful for his teething issues:

Organic Baby Tooth Oil

This stuff is pretty good. It calms him down almost immediately when he’s feeling fussy and gnawing on everything (to be read as everyone) in sight.

Organic Probiotic Gripe Water

His tummy gets so upset because of the post nasal drip since he’s a leaky faucet. I love this gripe water because it helps his symptoms PLUS it helps his overall gut health. I love love love this. It can be used daily as a probiotic or as gripe water.

Organic Nighttime Gripe Water

Between trying new foods and the teething, nighttime can be a little rough on his tummy. The nighttime gripe water is amazing. It has chamomile in it and is so soothing to his little belly. It also has passion flower extract and lemon balm that helps promote peaceful sleep. Yaaaasss!!!


Wellements was started by parents, for parents. I love how all of their products are certified organic, preservative-free, and bottled in glass instead of plastic. But they’re more than just supplements and remedies. Their website serves as a great resource for parents. They’ve done a lot of the think work for us parents. In a world where “natural” doesn’t always mean safe for baby, they’ve done their homework in making their products safe and effective for our babies.

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