It’s that time of year again!  Father’s Day is upon us and for most, it can be one of the most mind boggling holidays when it comes to what to get that special father figure in our life.  For some reason Mother’s Day seems to be a breeze when it comes to gift giving, but Father’s Day, not so much.  This day is all about showing Dad just how much you love and appreciate him and all of the hard work he puts in, but what if he’s one of those guys that has everything?  Nothing says I love and appreciate you more than a gift from the heart, but an awesome gift that comes from the heart doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. There are plenty of great gift ideas that are a perfect fit for the special guy in your life. There’s no “one size fits all” gift out there, but I think I’ve gathered up with a few neat ways to celebrate Dad without spending a dime. These are both last minute and free Father’s Day gifts–winning!

6 Last Minute And Free Father’s Day Gifts

Cook his favorite meal

Going out to eat is a great idea until you have to share a meal with tons of other dads in the same restaurant and more than likely wait for over an hour for your food.   Avoid the reservations and ditch the long wait times while you pull together a home cooked meal for Dad.  To make it extra special, cook his favorite meal just the way he likes it.  Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, surprising him with his favorite meal for Father’s Day speaks straight to his heart and stomach. He’ll forever appreciate you knowing that you put thought into making his day special.

6 Last Minute And Free Father's Day Gifts

Write a letter of appreciation

Hallmark cards are cute, but it’s always great to express how you feel with your own words.  Take the time out to write a letter to Dad just telling him how much he means to you and how he’s made an impact on your life.  Men don’t always get much recognition for all of the things they do, so putting together exactly how you feel on pen and paper makes this a pretty sweet gift.  It’ll be something he can cherish for years to come.

Give him some me time

As a mom, we know better than anyone how rewarding a few hours to ourselves can be.  Give Dad some much needed time to himself by taking the kids out of the house for a few ours or even for the entire day if possible.  Let him catch up on the latest game, or a just a good nap without the usual unwanted interruptions.

Watch his favorite movie

There’s always that one movie Dad can watch over and over again and it just never gets old, but somehow the rest of the household seems to hate it.  Well, put aside your differences and pop a seat next him anyway!  Sometimes, it’s not about the movie itself, but it’s about enjoying the experience.  Ask some questions about the movie and start a conversation around it.   You never know, you might actually like it and he’ll enjoy the company.

6 Last Minute And Free Father's Day Gifts

Create a playlist

Create a playlist of all of Dad’s favorite songs and compile them on a CD or if he’s a little tech savvy, put them together on Itunes or Spotify.  All of his favorite jams will be in one place and always at his reach for the commute to work, the next road trip, or while cutting the grass.

6 Last Minute And Free Father's Day Gifts

Make a handmade card

Have the kids create their own handmade cards for Dad using items you already have at home.  They can color pictures and attempt to spell just the right words to express their love for him on some construction paper.  Make use of tissue paper, feathers, and extra paint laying around to make sure the card is just right for Dad.

No matter the gift, make sure the dad in your life knows just how much you care about him in the most unique way.  Your love is something money can’t buy, so give it to him in abundance.

What are some ideas you have for free father’s day gifts?