2020 has been filled with so many different things that what we would typically be loading up on during this time supplementally speaking is not at all what we’re doing. I like to change up our supplement routine seasonally. Our bodies typically have different needs seasonally and whatever supplements you take should reflect this. But this year? Whew… I have a new focus supplement wise. 

Stress. Management. 

I love my kids and I love spending time with them but there was a reason that everyone was enrolled in school. My kids are very active children who all have strong personalities—I never got that calm, shy, quiet kid that was promised when you have more than one child. Managing 3 kids plus a household, a marriage, 3 different learning experiences, two growing businesses, while making sure my health is still a priority is a true recipe for overwhelming stress. 

That’s not what I want for myself or my kids. I know that as they adjust to our new routine, there may be some trouble focusing and handling their own imbalances. Plus, we’re prepping our immune systems now to be super strong for this fall and winter’s germs. So wha’s on list for our supplement routine that does all this? 

Everything is different in 2020--including the back to school supplement routine. This year? Stress management is key.

Back To School Supplement Routine for Kids


This is one of the pieces of our routine that doesn’t change much. The kids take the Just Thrive Probiotic. Mini can swallow pills and this goes into BC’s first cup of water for the day. Abc will take it sprinkled on her food or in her water as well. Having a healthy gut is so important for many reasons, including healthy digestion, regulation of hormones and balance. 


BC takes the Children’s Liquid Vitamin from _____. He gets some juice with this in it. The girls take a sugar-free gummy vitamin from Smarty Pants. We love their vitamins. BC takes them too but since we had this liquid vitamin, he’s taking it until it’s gone. 

Kids Life Focus

This is a supplement that I give them a couple of times a day to help them calm down and focus throughout the school day. We don’t give this to them on the weekends though. 

Macro Life Lil’ Reds

This is SUCH a great drink. You can mix it with some water or juice and it has the antioxidant power from red fruits plus billions of probiotics in there too. This is a daily drink for them. 

Lil’ Ones Sleepy Time

After eventful days, some kids fall straight to sleep while some others are wired even more. Abc will fall completely out while BC and Mini are overstimulated and wired. We give this to them on days where it seems like they’re having a harder time relaxing to help them unwind for bedtime. 

And Now The Supplement Routine For The Parents…

As if it’s not obvious already, being a parent is normally challenging. But parenting amidst a pandemic? WHEW! 


Yeah—you already knew this was going to be number 1! RidgeCrest Herbals is hands down my favorite supplement brand periodt. This AnxietyFree has helped me maintain my sanity during some of my harder days. 


Fun fact: Adrenal and AnxietyFree have similar ingredients but with different blends to affect you differently! My cortisol levels are naturally higher in the morning and then tank by 1pm. This is part of my daily routine so that I have sustained energy levels. I take AnxietyFree in the morning and then Adrenal in the afternoon. 

Ritual Vitamins

This is my favorite vitamin by far. It looks cool and has minty freshness that helps you digest your vitamins without feeling queasy. 

Vitamin D

And I mean the actual vitamin though what it insinuates is always welcome too *wink wink*. But seriously, low levels of vitamin D are a common problem right now and my blood told me it’s my problem too!

Omega 3

Did you know that these fats are really great as an anti-inflammatory? Well, it is. With stress-levels increased, my body is way more inflamed so I need this double time. 


I’m on the computer or looking at a screen all.the.time. And so is my husband. This supplement helps combat the effects of blue light


Listen: I don’t know what my life would be without my probiotics. I love both Seed AND Just Thrive probiotics. Seed is a synbiotic (meaning it has both the prebiotic and probiotic in one pill) and Just Thrive has a separate prebiotic. These are two probiotics that I will forever swear by. 

Sea Moss Gel

I’m not sure what celebrity made Sea Moss Gel big but thanks? Sea Moss is really great to balance hormones and for your general health. I drink this in the mornings with hot water and lemon. It can be added to your smoothies and coffee but it tastes salty to me despite people saying it has no flavor. I don’t like bonus flavors in my drinks so I like this separate. 

MacroLife Greens

Yep, we’re still drinking this. My husband loves to drink his at night—weirdo. I typically drink mine in the morning. It’s harder than I imagined to get my greens in and this helps me make a dent in it!

Depending on how I’m feeling, I may add in some other supplements to my routine. Because I deal with Hidradentitis Supportiva, I find that I’ll incorporate LymphReleaf because it’s good at handling my flare ups. If I’m congested, my SinusClear knocks that out. And for my sleepless nights, DreamOnZen is my go-to—I looked at my nightstand to fill in these because that’s where these stay. 

Ok. Your turn: What’s part of your supplement routine?