Yay!!! The holiday season is here!!!!

If you wore your pants with elastic waistbands yesterday so that you could stuff yourself like the turkey you ate, you are not alone! (I actually wore jeans but I skipped dessert since I didn’t want to puke ha!) So you’ve stuffed yourself silly for Thanksgiving and this is only the beginning. Now that the holiday season has officially been brought in by the turkey’s, we know what happens next: cookies, cakes, popcorns of delicious flavors, heaven sent bites of deliciousness all rain down on us. And if your willpower is anything like mine was during my first year of post-partum, you’re like “YAAAAAAYYYY!!!! COOKIES!!!!!!”

But what about your waist-line? I’m still fighting to get my waistline back after having abc and don’t want to wreak havoc on the bit of work that I’ve done. It seems like it’s a given that during this time we pack on the weight and then scurry during the end of winter to and spring to lose what we’ve gained as we shed the clothing we’ve been hiding behind. So, how do you fight this? How do you stop the inevitable from happening? No worries… I’m here to help!

Tips on Getting/Staying Trim This Holiday Season

1. Preparation is Key

By preparation I don’t mean wearing stretchy pants for a season (I’ve done it… It does a doozy to your self-esteem.) But telling yourself the truth prepares you for what to expect from yourself during this season. My weaknesses are cookies, inconsistency, and time management. I LOVE cookies. We still have all the Halloween candy in our house untouched but cookies? They wouldn’t last 3 days here. Nor would cake (my hubs). So in knowing this about ourselves we’re able to prepare better. I don’t buy cookies and we have pre-existing plans for anything that I make.

2. Make Your Workout More Productive

Like I said, time management is such an issue for me right now. Building a business, keeping a home, raising kids, being an amazing wife, and then trying to get my pre-baby body back is a challenge when it comes to fitting everything in 24 hours. Morning workouts are the best because you can get them in first thing before the house wakes up and they help you to make wiser choices throughout the day. Not only that, but they get your metabolism fired up to burn those extra calories you plan on taking in! In order to get more “bang” for my proverbial buck as it pertains to my sparkle sessions, I’ve started wearing these Delfin Spa Bio Ceramic Heat Intensifying Capris as I do my Cize it Up workouts.

What are Bio Ceramic Heat Intensifying Capris right? 

These are pants that are made out of the scuba material that cause your body to sweat more and brings additional heat to those areas that are covered. Unlike most pants, these are embedded with anti-cellulite properties so you’re not only fighting inches but the cottage cheese thighs as well. Two of my favorite features: the antimicrobial protection additive and the pocket for my phone.

But do they work?

After wearing my pants for 2 weeks, I’ve lost a total of 7 inches–2 from my waist, 2 from my hips, and 1.5 from each thigh. I would say that they work! They’re having a 50% off sale today too!


3. Plan To Fail

I don’t mean this how it sounds lol. But, plan your cheats out. Plan to treat yourself. When you do this, you can also plan to make up for those things. So if you know that you’re going out to a holiday party and KNOW there will be an assortment of delicious cookies, starting your day with a nice protein shake filled with fruits and veggies is a good idea. Planning on a holiday brunch with bottomless mimosas (the only way they should be)? Make sure you’ve got your salad prepared for lunch. The better you plan your “fails” the better you can plan your “successes” too.

Instead of using this season to fluff up Santa style, let’s stay {or get} slim with these tips for success.

How do you plan on keeping your holiday season healthy?