I’m a work in progress and when one of my close girlfriends pointed out that I could be doing better with using clean beauty products, I took it one step further and also took a look into my face care. While I make most of my own products, I’d been slacking lately because, well, life. It happens, right? Well, then I got a text from my friend Erika introducing me to her friend who specializes in clean face care. I took this is my sign that things needed to change.

So Meredith and I from The Clean Beauty Specialists got to chatting about my skin, where it was, my issues, and what I wanted it to be. Let me tell you, I’ve not met someone who was more passionate about what they do than Meredith. And she’s got a gift because your girls skin is looking AND feeling absolutely amazing.

Fall is in the air and so is better skin care with clean alternatives. Check out my clean skin care routine that recently got an upgrade and has my face glowing.

My Clean Skin Care Products

Cleanser – Arcona Rasberry Clarifying Bar

I’m always really hesitant to use a bar because I feel like its more drying. While this one is for clarifying, it’s not drying. I use this bar once a week to get rid of any buildup that has potentially happened.

Exfoliator – Arcona Golden Grain Gommage

This. Is. Bae. Seriously. I love a good exfoliator. I use this on mornings after I’ve used the Arcona Gentle Solution before bed.

Nighttime Serum – Arcona Gentle Solution

This serum refines and resurfaces your skin as you sleep which is why I use it prior to using the exfoliator which washes away all the yuckies.

Day Serum – Snox Fox Cucumber Recovery Serum

This is so refreshing. It plumps my skin making it look like aging has yet to hit and it just makes my skin feel so good.

Mask – iLike Hungarian Paprika Gel Mask

If you watch my Instagram Stories, you’ve seen me put this on. This mask gets HOT but my goodness… The way my skin glows after I’ve done this mask!!!! I use this once a week and it’s so effective.

My Routine

Every other day I use the Arcona Gentle Solution before using a nighttime cream. The next morning I use the exfoliator and then follow with a toner, serum and then moisturizer. One time a week (when my face feels like it needs more) I used the Arcona Clarifying Bar. On the weekends or early morning when BC is at school, I use the iLike Hungarian mask.

My skin has seriously never been as soft and bright as it is now. If you’re not sure what to use on your skin or need help with what will work for you, I totally recommend reaching out to Meredith for help!

What are you using on your skin this season?