This is a sponsored post on behalf of Kids on 45th. All thoughts are my own.

Experts approximate that the United States generates approximately 25 billion pounds in textiles annually. This translates to 82 pounds per household and 85% of this gets put into our landfills. These are scary numbers and a lot of what contributes to this is fast fashion. In order to combat this massive contribution to the landfills, something needs to be done, but what?

Slow fashion.

The creation of quality, lasting pieces of clothing that can either stay in your closet, be upcycled to new pieces or donated to another person is the way to go.

Donating Clothes Not Only Helps Our Environment

But it helps others as well. When I became a mom, I was single and struggling. I lost a bunch of weight because my stress release became running. But as I lost weight, I didn’t have much money to shop because I was raising a daughter on one, small income. I would shop at Goodwill to get our clothes so that I could still look presentable as I worked on climbing the corporate ladder. If it weren’t for people donating clothes, I’m not sure how I would have been able to get on my fashionable feet!

And my story isn’t unique. Children are super expensive! They grow so fast so often times people can’t afford $20 jeans for each child multiple times a year. This is another time where pre-loved fashions come in. My older sister would send us huge boxes of clothes that were previously worn by my niece. Those boxes of clothes saved our lives.

Slow fashion is one of the solutions to the textile waste issue. Even better is when it's delivered for your kids with Kids on 45th!

Kids Slow Fashion Delivered With Kids on 45th

When I was approached by Kids on 45th to test out one of their boxes I was really excited. Life is so busy right now between being in school, working, traveling, ballet, daily life that I haven’t had the chance to shop for fall clothing for the kids. Mini came to me and said she was out of long pants, abc was walking around in shorts and BC had high waters. Things around here were looking like we were on the struggle bus.

Slow fashion is one of the solutions to the textile waste issue. Even better is when it's delivered for your kids with Kids on 45th!

Kids on 45th offers a really cool service where all you have to do is tell them the gender your child identifies, what their style is, their size, and what pieces you want to include in the box and they do the rest. A week later I had a box that was filled with pieces of clothing that helped us transition from summer to fall with ease and style. Abc got a Shopkins shirt which she legit went gaga for and BC got some jeans that weren’t flood preparation. As I write this, I’m already picking out pieces for my next box.

Is Anything New There?

Yep. They have some things that are new like hats, socks, and those sorts of thing that you wouldn’t want to receive loved on from someone you don’t know. While they do specialize in slow fashion and pre-loved items, they also recognize that there are some things that just need to be new.

Ok Great, How Do I Sign Up?

Head over to and use the referral code FVJHXBSH so you can get $10 off your first order. Getting signed up takes under 5 minutes!

What If I Want To Donate?

Right now they only accept donations in the Seattle area but they’re working on expanding this so join their mailing list to be in the know.

Alright my friends! I’m off to build some more boxes for my own kids!

What are your go-to pieces for transitioning seasons for your kids?