**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with Dollar General. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The other day we were driving down the neighborhood and it occurred to me that our holiday decor could really be leveled up. Sure, we have our cute little elf outside and one of those projectors with some snowflakes on the house but across the street from me? Man. Their holiday decor is next level with blow up reindeer and such.

While I’m not prepared to make hundreds of dollars of investment in our holiday decor, I did think that heading over to our local Dollar General was in order to see what things we can grab that will give us a little more flare. The kids went a little crazy when we went in there so we had to find a theme and stick with it.

Must-Have Holiday Decor For Under $30

The kids and I did a haul at Dollar General for both indoor and outdoor decorations. Because all the things were 50% off, we were able to really spruce things up.

Outdoor Holiday Decor

We kept things simple by adding some little candy canes to the walkway. Our door already had a wreath but Dollar General actually has some that are really close to this–and I wish I had waited until I saw them there to get! We added a jingle bell to our wreath from Dollar General though and I love it. My maiden name is Bell so incorporating bells into our decor is paying homage to that!

We also found this little sign to go outside. Now we all know that Atlanta RARELY gets snow but I thought this was fun!

Indoor Holiday Decor

Now this is where we were able to make the most bang with our buck. We already had some festive place mats but we were missing something to bring it together in the center. We got this little basket that fits the snacks that I like to keep on the table.

Keeping up with the snow that will never happen in Atlanta, I got some faux snow to spray on the windows. Yes friends, I made some snow men!

We finally have a mantle again which is perfect for our stockings. I grabbed some tinsel garland in gold and silver to create a beautiful look that compliments the cream and gray stockings we have. And BC fell in love with this moose that is counting down the days until Christmas so he got added up here too.

Our Christmas tree was lacking in some vavoom courtesy of a certain ornament snatching toddler. I grabbed a couple additional ornaments, including some hard to snatch glitter bows and shatterproof orbs. We even sprayed the tree with some of the faux snow.

I love the look of ribbons on the trees and I’d never done it before with my own holiday decor so guess what we did? Just that. I love how the sparkly burlap compliments the metallic feel we have going on.

What’s the winter season without hot cocoa? I transformed a TV tray with some upcycled wrapping paper and set up my kids’ winter fave. I grabbed our boxes, hot cocoa and marshmallows from Dollar General to create the perfect cup of hot cocoa!

And I did all this for under $30! Yes friends, I truly leveled up my holiday decor on a dime. My favorite part of this is that all of these decorations can be saved or upcycled for additional use!

Alright friends! So what theme does your holiday decor have?

Find your nearest Dollar General here and level-up your holiday decor!