Grove Collaborative is a monthly subscription box that is dedicated to helping the creation of more green homes. They offer a wide range of natural household products ranging from pest control to hair care and everything in between. Every month, subscribers have the opportunity to customize their needs in their boxes and receive a free gift in the process!

I joined in July of last year. I was enticed by the free gift and having access to many of the products I already knew and loved. The real kicker for me: our laundry detergent and cleaning supplies were delivered on a schedule so we never run out. This is crucial when you have a family of 5 and cloth diapers!

This month a changed things up a bit and will continue to as our home dynamic changes along with our needs. Here’s a look at my June Grove Collaborative box.

I LOVE my Grove subscription. So much so that now I'm sharing my monthly boxes. Here's my June Grove Collaborative Monthly Haul!

June Grove Collaborative Monthly Haul: All About Probiotics

I’ve fallen off on my probiotics and I can feel the difference. I knew it was time to get my kids back on track with theirs as well so this was the governing theme for this box!

Lovebug – Here’s the Skinny Daily Probiotic

I’ve tried the Lovebug Probiotic that was formulated to boost the immune system so I was interested in this one as it says that it has ingredients that will also boost the metabolism. We’ll see about that. At the very least, my gut will be healthier than what it is now.

Lovebug – Little One’s Immunity Daily Probiotic

I’ve been slacking on giving the kids a probiotic too. BC pooped the other day and it smelled like something died in his stomach. And Mini likes to eat the camp food which also smells like isn’t agreeing with her–she’ll learn though. In the meantime, they’ll be getting these probiotics to balance the playing field in her tummy.

Counter Culture – Probiotic All Purpose Cleaner & Air + Fabric Refresh Set 

Now I’ve never used Counter Culture products before but I saw probiotic AND that they don’t use plastic bottles. You guys already know I’m working to reduce the amount of plastic we use. I’m looking forward to trying this out. I got it in the lemon verbena which makes me feel cool in the summer months!

Yes To – Naturals Tea Tree & Sage Calming Scalp Relief Shampoo 

I have a confession: my scalp is a mess right now. Like nothing is working to stop the itching and flakes. I haven’t tried any DIY things because of time and I LOVE Yes To products so I’m scrubbing my scalp with a prayer.

hello – Activated Charcoal Infused Floss 
Natural Peppermint

Did you know that most floss is made with plastic? Yeah. This floss is made with a vegan and eco-friendly wax and activated charcoal. I already have this in my purse but little hands run off with my beloved floss so I ordered more!

Murphy’s Naturals – Ceramic Incense Stick Holder

I got this because my husband is tired of seeing the incense ash around the house. Murphy’s Naturals also has a mosquito repellent incense that I use. I normally just stick it, well, wherever will hold it up leaving piles of incense ash. Now I’ll use this!

Soma – The Brew Bottle

Friends. I’ve been on the STRUGGLE BUS since having to get up and leave the house with the kids sans coffee. I just haven’t mastered getting out the house with coffee in hand. Now I will. I already use a pour of filter so this fits right in.

Acure – Radically Rejuvenating Sheet Mask

No explanation necessary here–I love a sheet mask!

Cora – Ultra-Thin Period + Bladder Liners

Three pregnancies + working out has definitely left some room for panty protection. I love that Cora offers an organic solution. Read more about their ingredients here.

Grove Collaborative – Specialty Laundry Sprays 

I hate ironing and pre-treating but the domestic gods are working on me! This duo is a wrinkle release spray and pre-treating spray. I always forget to pre-treat the kids clothes so this is already next to the washer machine.

Grove Collaborative – All-Purpose Castile Soap

Because you can never have too much all-purpose castile soap!

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I LOVE my Grove subscription. So much so that now I'm sharing my monthly boxes. Here's my June Grove Collaborative Monthly Haul!