Last month I started waking up earlier– 5:30 am to be exact. The first day that I did it was my first day taking a new probiotic and I dropped a little hint that I had included something in my morning routine that had me feeling good about the change in my day. And I promised I would tell so here it is…

It’s my Seed Daily Synbiotic that made the difference.

Whatever Aaronica, I know it’s not just a probiotic that made it easier for you to wake up.

And it’s not just any probiotic. Seed is so different that having energy from taking is indeed one of the many side effects that I was hoping for as I started taking it. Here’s the thing: Seed is MORE than just a probiotic. It’s a synbiotic–a combination of both a PREbiotic and PRObiotic.

Why does this matter, right?

So as a probiotic travels from your mouth down through your throat and into your stomach, it’s pretty rare that all those dope billions of strains will make it. They get broken down prior to arriving at their destination where they’re meant to put in that work. This means that we aren’t getting all the benefits from them. A prebiotic is essentially food for the probiotic to keep fueling it until it gets to it’s destination.

And if those billions of strains actually get to where they need to go alive and are able to be put to work? You feel the difference my friend.

Probiotics are all the rage right now. But you know what? They aren't all made equally and my body told me that when I started taking Seed Symbiotic.

My Body Told Me There Was A Difference With Seed Synbiotic And Here’s How:

**Please note that these are MY personal results and you may not have the same response as your body is different than mine.**

  • There was a cooling sensation as it started to release the contents. Yep, I took one a day before moving up to the two daily and from the time I started, I could feel the cooling sensation. I’m no stranger to a probiotic and this never happened to me.
  • I had more energy.
  • I’ve lost 5lbs and have done nothing differently.
  • I poop more times than I used to. I realize this *MIGHT* be TMI but we’re supposed to poop as many times as we eat and many of us don’t. While constipation isn’t an issue for me, I realized that I wasn’t pooping as many times as I was eating and now I am.
  • The amount of time I deal with breakouts from my autoimmune disease is less and when the breakouts do occur, they’re for shorter times and way less pain.
  • My skin looks amazing. I also started a new regimen but insides matter too.
  • I’m way less bloated.

I’ve been taking my probiotic one for a month now (skipping days because I forget) and there’s no going back for me. Now I need to get my husband on the one so he can get with these here benefits too!

Ready to have your body share the difference with you?
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