The crazy thing is I mean this in the most positive way possible.

I spend hours/week browsing Pinterest. I love pinning workouts, recipes, outfits, kids activities and of course DIY projects. I can get lost for hours in the sewing and patterns area and I day dream of having the time to create all of the pins that I’ve saved. Don’t judge me–this afternoon I sat and organized my Pinterest boards for better efficiency. I digress…

Today my Supermom syndrome caught up with me. Like a lot of other moms, I balance a lot. I work full-time, cook everyday, pump, nurse the baby, workout, manage the finances and the home, and clean. It’s a lot. As I walked downstairs and was greeted with yet another mess, I immediately became overwhelmed. Not because of the mess per say, but because I saw no end in sight for all the mess.

Yes, yes, I’ve heard the old adage of “the dishes won’t get any dirtier in the sink”, “the laundry can wait–play with your kids”, blah blah blah. So here’s my question, at what point do you decide to take care of home under this logic? Is it when you run out of clean clothes and dishes and money to buy new ones? Is it when your home becomes a roach farm? How about when the soap scum in your bathroom grows a personality? I can’t wait that long. Cleaning is a necessary evil/pleasure that has to be done.

As I was on the verge of tears feelings like the worst mom and wife for not being able to keep home, play with my children, keep my temper in check and be a perfect host to my parents, I did the only thing that made sense to me in the moment–consult Pinterest. It was a mighty wise decision and here’s what I’ve learned:

All Moms Are Overwhelmed
It’s not just me feeling like they’re walking a tight about to fall to their demise. Some moms are better at strategizing their way out of the overwhelming feelings than others. And those moms create printables to help the rest of us so we can get over this overwhelming feeling.

Take Small Bites
Figuratively speaking. Well, literally too because large bites leads to poor digestion but…….we’ll never mind. Choose one thing at a time to work on. There are so many components to parenting and being a spouse that you can’t tackle them at once. Choose the hardest thing and work your way to the easiest.

It’s Ok if You Aren’t the Most_______
Patient, kind, best, etc. mother, wife, friend, daughter, etc. We are all works in process and it’s ok if we aren’t Pinterest perfect all the time.

You Aren’t Alone In Your Struggle
Some times I read these posts about these perfect parents that don’t tell, spank, lose their tempers and have time to craft, bake, and have sex. Meanwhile back at the ranch I’m all like “my kids are alive and fed and my husband still comes home”. I’m human. And I’m so not perfect. I read some of these articles and I’m like, “damn! My kid is going to be alllllll jacked up!!!” I feel like I do everything wrong. Ok, not everything but I’m not alone in this feeling. I’m not alone in feeling overwhelmed as I try to get it right. I’m not alone in losing my temper. I’m not alone in praying for patience so hard I cry. I’m not alone in the mommy guilt for yelling, spanking, working, breathing.

Pinterest certainly has the ability for lots of epic fails lol but it’s also a place that can help you. And today I needed that.