Between babies and my poor eating habits, my metabolism has hit a slump. It’s no secret that my goal out here is to lose weight and be able to survive a zombie apocalypse–weight loss being the primary goal ha! I met with a nutritionist at Life Time that gave me some pretty simple changes that resulted in a 5lb weight loss within 1 week–and no, it wasn’t water weight.

As we get older & experience this thing called life, it can take a toll on our metabolism which isn't the greatest when trying to lose weight-but no more! Check out these tips that caused me to lose 5lbs in one week!

4 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

1. Drink half your body weight in water daily.

This one was something that I knew anyway. Most days I get a gallon in but water is so important for the weight loss journey. Hydration–especially in the summer–is crucial since your body will need to replace all the water it loses while working out. Get your water in and it’ll help get that weight out.

Water intake goal: 1 gallon. The Hulk and Batman said they would help me. By any means necessary right?

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2. Set up alarms to remind you to eat.

Working at home can sometimes throw your entire schedule off. You don’t have co-workers around eating or drinking reminding you it’s time to do so as well. There have been days where I went from 4:30am until 2pm without eating simply because I had forgotten. Set alarm with 4 hour increments reminding you to eat something.

3. Eat clean.

Yes, I said it as well. Eating clean is like everyone’s go-to statement when it comes to healthy eating. What does it mean? It means eat unprocessed or minimally processed foods. So things that need to be refrigerated and that can be found on the perimeter of the store at farmers markets. And no, it’s not expensive. And yes, it is rather delicious.

Confession: I love raw string beans. I think they taste so good in their perfect, raw state!!! And yes, Hulk is still making me drink my water.

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4. Keep snacks handy and already portioned out.

Fresh fruits, nuts, trailmixes, etc are all things that would be perfect for you to keep within an arms reach. Protein shakes are excellent for recovery and to have along with some hummus and veggies. The important thing here is to keep it convenient. Not everyone has the time to stop and prepare a snack (because eating clean does require preparation) so it’s good to just prepare them all at once so they’re ready to go.

Hopping on the road for my day trip in this beautiful @mazdausa 6. Got all the important things: protein shake, water, healthy snacks.

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While these aren’t the only things that you can do to rev your metabolism and get it burning fat, these are 4 things that can get you started.

What tips would you include here?

60-Day Challenge Update

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Going into week 6 I’m feeling great. Since the last weigh-in, I dropped 5lbs and I’m really happy that the scale is moving. I’m down over 5% body fat and am incredibly proud of myself. This heat is stifling me and it’s hard to go to the gym and sweat when I walk outside and continue the sweating. I made a bet with my cousin that we could swim 450 laps this month and I’ve yet to hop in the water so I’ll be working on that for the rest of the month.

I did a “Try It Tuesday” with Ceddy and the crew this week and it burned a lot of calories which I loved so much. And guess who’s going to be leading her own??? If you’re guess is me, that’s right! So stay tuned for when I announce that date!!!

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