At the end of July we wrapped up the 60 day challenge. While I didn’t finish in first place, I still feel like a winner–so cliche right? But I do. I know, what place did I finish? Fifth. Ok, back to my cliche statement–I did win in other ways.

The More You Know…

I’ve seen a nutritionist maybe once in my life. I was like, 22, and at that age if I wanted to lose 15lbs I would run for 3 weeks and boom, the weight would be gone. At 33 (I think?) with two babes this is NOT the case. Working with Kendall, my nutritionist, was game changing for me. Literally the week I implemented his tips and tricks I lost 5lbs. I’d lost more but July 4th was a doozy. Either way, he demystified and debunked so many myths that go along with eating and then gave me easy to apply tips on how to improve upon what I was doing. I didn’t have to swear off my Oreos and S’mores–I just had to earn them.

The Better You Feel!

Working with my trainer Ceddy was empowering. Exercise isn’t new for me. Being in shape is not something that I’ve never done before but I was almost embarrassed at the realization that I needed help. I mean, after having mini I dropped a whopping SIXTY pounds on my own! Of course I was depressed and used running as my coping method but I digress… I had done it on my own so needing help was hard for me. Working with Ceddy was fun and he made me feel like where I was so long ago was more than achievable. Trying out new workouts, different exercises and working dormant muscles not only almost killed me but really built my strength.

Thinking about joining a gym? My recommendation is Life Time Fitness. Why? Read here to find out my 10 reasons why Life Time is the place for you.

Why Life Time?

I joined last year in May. I walked in to use the pool with a friend of mini’s and told the manager that I would come with him because I knew he had to give me the sales pitch but that I wouldn’t be signing anything. Not even fifteen minutes later I was signing here, here, and here before saying “Cheese!!” for the picture associated with the membership card. Did Devin, the sales manager, do a great job selling me? No, he didn’t. No shade to him but he didn’t pressure me into the membership. I looked around at everything they had to offer with my own eyes and knew that I had to join. And more than a year later, I’m still a happy member for these 10 reasons:

1. They’re childcare is amazing. Seriously. There are days that I walk in and I just want to stay and play with them.

2. I see the same people working there. When I drop the girls off, they know who they are and my name and this makes me feel secure.

3. They have a Spa in the building. And they do amazing blow outs. On natural hair. Just ask Maria from Mamalicious Maria!

4. They are committed to the health of the whole family. They offer Mommy & Me yoga, have Daddy-Daughter dances and Parents Night Out. How awesome is that?

5. Life Time has a cafe–not just a juice bar. As in they make their food there. Chris, one of the managers there, has a degree in nutrition science. It’s not JUST food–this is their art.

6. Their food is REALLY delicious! The Asian Tuna Salad turned into a wrap will literally have you tearing up–SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY FOODIES!

7. I’ve never had to wait for a machine. Ever. It feels like they have thousands of the same machine and I’ve never had to wait for a treadmill or anything.

8. There’s a run club and clinic. They help you with your form and endurance and welcome runners of all speeds–yes, including walkers.

9. Their classes are fun and innovative. They have your standard kickboxing and spin but it’s done differently. I take 6000+ steps with Moe in her kickboxing classes. And they offer Life Time only classes that challenge your body in ways that you had no idea could be done in a group setting.

10. They’re not “just” another gym. I’ve belonged to MANY gyms and this is not a gym. This is seriously a health club. They are committed to the entire picture of your health which is why they offer the assessments they do, bootcamps, healthy food, and are open 24 hours.

**Bonus** I’m a member! Ha! Which should actually be number 1 but whatever.

But seriously, I’ve never felt like I mattered at any other workout facility but here, I do. I love walking in and seeing Shawn or Kyle or Matthew. I love that Devin is STILL there and in the year plus he’s never worn the same outfit but always looks fresh. I love that my kids are growing up in an environment where they aren’t just another kid but they are loved on by the people in childcare. When you’re a mom, a wife, a husband, a father, a woman, man, whatever, you want to matter and you want to be able to workout in peace with the knowledge that it’s ok to just take this time to focus on you. And that’s what Life Time does. They give you the space and time to solely be about you and isn’t that something we all need?

If you’re in the Atlanta-area, I’ll be hosting a mid-day “Fight Night” with my favorite kickboxing instructor Moe so stay tuned for deets on that. Have questions about Life Time that weren’t answered? Shoot me a message! Want to try it out? Snag a guest pass!