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As a treat to myself for leaving corporate and going into business for myself, I bought the iPhone 6+. I LOOOOVE my phone and literally live on it (I’m typing this on it now ha!). But you know who else loves it? Little, sticky, rough fingers that belong to my children.

I’ve already had one broken screen on my iPhone 5C and I didn’t last very long on it. I’m not here for removing my fingerprints trying to text on a shattered screen. More importantly, once I’m done with my phone, I want to be able to sell it for a decent amount. Luckily for me, I learned my lesson with that iPhone 5C and have since made some changes in my phone swag to accommodate sticky fingers.

  1. Make sure that you have a good case. I have a wallet case. It’s not the greatest but it’s leather and it does the job. abc has tossed my phone around so many times now that I feel like my prayers are answered every time I pick my phone up and it’s not broken. Thanks goodness for leather right?
  2. The screen needs protecting. In my opinion, this is more important than the case since I’ve dealt with a cracked screen before. Here’s the thing, all screen protectors are NOT made equal. I bought one that I thought was going to be good off eBay (which I love). It promised to protect from falls, hammers, gun shots, whatever. However, contrary to what the retailer said, it did NOT hold up to its promise–no gunshots involved either. But then I got this IntelliGLASS protector and I saw the difference in the quality as soon as I opened the package. The best part is that abc has tossed the phone around and we have NO cracks in it. Best part is, I’m giving one away!


    everything in the box… it made putting my screen on bubble free sooooo easy!

  3. Don’t let them play with your phone. This is so easier said than done. I have limited the children’s games on my phones and we only use my phone in case of emergency–to be read as we’re out and about and we need some entertainment quickly. Outside of this, I snatch my phone faster than a ninja sneaking up on their prey. Yes, I’m that fast and quiet!

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How do you keep your phone safe from sticky fingers?