‘Tis the season for giving gifts and receiving them as well. I’m not going to lie: I love to receive gifts. It happens pretty rarely but when it does, I quite literally go gaga. You know what I love even more? When people give me practical gifts that I can use every day or most days.

Sure, fun gifts are really cool but I’m not a kid anymore so it’s not like I want games or toys for gifts anymore! The more useful they are, the better. My husband got me the best present for our first Christmas together. What was the present?

A new bed.

Yep, nothing says “BEST GIFT EVER” than something I can use more often than not. So what do you gift people who are more practical about the presents they want to receive? I’ve got you covered here:

Ready to get a gift that won't get tossed in the garbage? Here are 10 practical gifts for your loved ones.

10 Practical Gifts for The Person Who Likes Useful Things

  1. Ridgecrest Herbals Supplements
    I can’t sing the praises of these supplements enough. Not only do they offer remedies for basically anything that you could need in life, but they legit work. My favorite supplement for myself is the Anxiety-Free since I can get stressed out and overwhelmed. The Sinus Clear and Clear Lungs are both staples in my house as well. Gifting your loved one with any of these supplements is a winner.
  2. Seed Probiotic
    Listen, these probiotics are seriously the bees knees. Not only are they packaged in a sustainable way, but when you take them you can feel the difference in your body. If you have someone in your life that is committed to a healthy lifestyle, this right here is for them!
  3. Big Fig Mattress
    I take my sleep VERY seriously. I’m not one of those people that is like “YAY! I’LL PULL AN ALL-NIGHTER AND WAKE UP AND EVERYTHING WILL BE AWESOME!!!” Your girl needs rest and I didn’t realize how much I was missing out until I finally got some really great rest in my Big Fig bed. Plus, we already know I’m here for beds as gifts!
  4. FitBit Versa 2
    I used to have an Apple Watch and I loved it but then I fell back in love with FitBit. It’s more than *just* a watch and fitness tracker. My FitBit is what told me I wasn’t getting great sleep and is helping me stay accountable to myself. Best part: I bought 2 for under the price of 1 Apple Watch!
  5. A Giftcard/Credit for A Babysitter
    It’s no secret: I love my husband and am trying to get all the dates I can with his sexy ass. But this can be super hard. I found the Usit App and getting out with him has been easier without breaking the bank than ever. I love that I can see babysitters that my friends have used and recommended which makes it feel like it’s a personal referral. Trust me, the parents of young kids in your life need this one.
  6. A Weekend Stay At Getaway
    I don’t know if they have Getaway by where you are, but in Atlanta they do. These are tiny cabins and you have zero phone service forcing you to unplug and just enjoy nature or your cabin or…. each other *wink wink*. But seriously, in these current times where we are consistently plugged into what’s happening, it’s truly a gift to unplug and live in the moment.
  7. A Housecleaner
    I always ask for a years worth of house cleanings–I get none but would be really happy with just one. As adults, we’re out here doing adulting things and don’t always have the time to clean as thoroughly as we would like to. Or we hate cleaning. Either way, this is a dope gift.
  8. VIP Membership to Grove Collaborative
    Whenever my husband sees the Grove box, he gets excited. Grove makes going green really easy as their store is stocked with eco-friendly and clean items that range from makeup to cleaning products. The VIP membership gives you access to exclusive pricing, deals and free shipping–HELLO!
  9. A Berkey Water Filter
    I sipped my first Berkey water last summer while I was in Florida and refused to drink any other filtered water besides that because it was so good. These filters are good for 6000 gallons of water–incredible, right? And I even have a discount for my readers. Use coupon code “TCM5” for an extra 5% off.
  10. Knack Bag
    I travel A LOT but not for more than a couple days at a time. In fact, many of us do! Which is why I love the Knack Bag. It comes in a couple different sizes and colors and they even have packing cubes–which I’ve developed a love affair for. But seriously: if you know someone who travels, this bag is for them. Check out my packing video here: