Churches are being burned down. Not just any churches but the black churches that are staples to our community. It’s hard for me to string together words to write something that is both reflective of how I feel yet “appropriate” for my site. But I can’t not address this. Yes, I’m a “mommy blogger” but I’m black first. And my people are being targeted.

This is wrong.

On so many levels.

First the executions of our people at the hands of the people who are supposed to be “protecting and serving” us. Someone who’s no longer on my friends list pointed out that if they weren’t doing the things they weren’t supposed to be doing they might still be alive today. Remove Friend Yes, effective immediately. The troubling thing about this is that so.many.people possess this state of mind. IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!! In this great nation of America I thought that we were innocent until proven guilty. I thought that the jobs of cops were to “protect and serve”. Isn’t that what’s written on their badges or somewhere? And I thought that it was their jobs to bring the ALLEGED in so that they could stand an unfair trial. But because of their skin color they aren’t given the same rights, their executioners are celebrated and my people are left tired, helpless, and painted negatively as we express frustration.

And now. Now we have a five year old little girl who has survived a massacre where the shooter is known yet he’s still given all the rights that my people are denied. He has murdered NINE people that prayed for him and wished him nothing but health and healing less than an hour before taking their last breath. Not only is he not shot and killed on the spot, he’s given a bullet proof vest and taken to Burger King on the way to the precinct. Yet MY people are killed for selling loosey’s they couldn’t find, crossing the street, playing with a fake gun in a store, being black.

How do you NOT see the injustice here?

Dylan killed 9 people in cold blood in the spirit of the Confederate flag. NINE LIVES. And now because people want the symbol of hatred for black lives removed from the STATE capitol–not people’s homes or yards–our churches are burning.

I’m upset. I’m saddened. I’m furious. I’m scared. But I’m hopeful.

Whatever it is that you do whether it be pray, chant, think positive thoughts please let’s do it. This has got to stop.