Now that mini has come home on now multiple occasions asking questions about things that her teachers have said, I feel it more than approps to address the inappropriate nature of teachers and administration sharing anything other than facts to help my child shape her own opinions with her. I didn’t say anything about them trying to cast her as an Indian (I thought we’d already decided this wasn’t culturally accurate when decided it was racially insensitive to have kids sit “Indian-style”. No?) in the Thanksgiving play. I didn’t say anything when my child was taught that Christopher Columbus “discovered” a place that already existed. But during this hostile election season, I have something to say.

Teachers are the most important job functions in the world. They teach doctors, lawyers, writers. But sometimes they need the reminder to stay in your lane.

Dear Teachers: Stay In Your Lane

Hey, girl, hey. Yes, it is I, the what will now be stereotyped as the angry black mother. I would like to take this time to go beyond inviting you to stay in your place as my child’s teacher but demand it. I know that we live in a predominately non-progressive white area where racism (whether in the form of microaggressions or blatant) is prominent. As is evident by the Trump-Pence signs that are proudly displayed, I know that our area hates both black people and women. I get it 100%. And I get that you might even be one of those proud-I-hate-myself Trump supporting women. Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.


Here’s the thing–keep your bigoted opinions to yourself when you’re teaching my child. I understand that you hate yourself and thus the woman running for President. I get that you hate minorities, thus you supporting a poor excuse of a man that makes up lies and insults persons of color every time he opens his mouth. I even understand your commitment to hypocrisy as Trump is married to someone who’s not born here. That’s fine but just like there’s no crying in baseball, there’s no room for personal opinions when it’s time to teach my child.

Your job is simple: state the facts and nothing more than such. The most recent thing that mini came home with is that Hillary Clinton is going to kill babies. Where is the truth in this statement? What gives you the right to color my daughter’s opinion with your own short sight and lies? We’re all passionate about the election. I get it. But here’s the thing, just like you shouldn’t talk about race, politics, or religion when you work in corporate America, you shouldn’t discuss these things with young minds that are little sponges unless you can be neutral.

In case you were wondering what your place was in teaching my kid, I’ll give it to you. You are responsible for the mental, emotional and physical safety of her while she is in your care. You are responsible for teaching her things like math (though this common core is dumb), science (yes, ice cream included), reading comprehension (because if she ever reads this, I want her to have full understanding so she can continue to educate), history (which in my opinion needs to be changed because under the theory that Christopher Columbus functioned other, I own everything), art, music, and PE. Notice how nowhere in there did I say that you should be teaching her anything that has to do with your lame opinions on life. It cost zero dollars in gas money to stay in your lane. Stay there so I don’t have to go all angry black woman and put you there.



Mini’s Mom