Jamberry Nails… I’d seen them around for awhile before I decided to make the plunge and commitment in purchasing them. I use the terms ‘plunge’ and ‘commitment’ because at $15.00 for a pack, that’s definitely worthy of both those terms. I have no fancy intro here so let’s get on with the review.

Jamberry Nails in 'Ditzy'

Jamberry Nails in ‘Ditzy’

The Concept

I love it. As a work-at-home-mom, there’s really never a moment that I have where I’m like, “oh you know what I can do right now? I can paint my nails and then sit still for an hour as they dry.” Nope. Doesn’t happen. So the appeal of having my nails done in a fancy style WITHOUT the dry time was certainly appealing. I also love the “Mommy and Me” sets. These are so cute! Mini loves having her nails done in a “pattern” and loves it even more when we match.

In Real Life

I’m not going to lie, my overall feeling for these Jamberry decals is one of disappointment. They market that the decals will stay on your nails for up to 2 weeks. Welp, 2 hours after I put mini’s on they were off. And it wasn’t just hers. The first time I did mine, they lasted MAYBE 3 days–and that’s a big maybe. I thought maybe I’d put them on wrong even though I spent about 5 minutes burning my fingertips with my hair dryer to make sure the adhesive on the decal adhered to my nail. It took about 20 minutes for me to put them on mini and then another 20 to put them on me.

The Pros

  • The designs – Some of these are just downright breath-taking. I purchased the Ditzy, Orchid Boutique, and the combo pack of the Leo, Geo & Lace for myself and the Little Lady for mini. It was so hard to make a decision with all the different designs they offer.
  • Fast Shipping
  • The “Mommy & Me” combinations
  • The ease of purchase

The Cons

  • Leo, Geo and Lace aka My Fave

    Leo, Geo and Lace aka My Fave

    The price. $15 for 1 packet seems a bit absurd. They run the special of the B3G1F but $45? Not for nails that don’t live up to their promise.

  • The application. I’m not sure if I have fingerprints anymore or if they’ve been burned off since I did 2 applications of them. After you cut the decals you have to heat them prior to application. And then you have to heat them again when they’re on your nails. Mini couldn’t stand the heat and honestly neither could I. It hurt.
  • They didn’t stay on or live up to the guarantee–which is also flawed. I have 30 days to try on $45 worth of nails to see if I like them. What? I know that most women change their minds faster than a chameleon can match his surroundings but sheesh. I’ve had mine for more than 2 months and I’m just getting around to trying the second set! This should be at least a year long guarantee at the minimum.
  • They don’t fit. I’ve taken to cutting slits in them to make them fit my nails and they still bubble! I fried my cuticles trying to get that adhesive on my nails but to no avail. The bubble won out.
  • They just don’t have lasting power. I put on the favorites that I bought–Leo, Geo & Lace (because who doesn’t love lace and leopard print together?). It took almost an hour to try and get them on and situated. I took a shower and my pinkie popped off. I washed my hair and half my middle finger peeled. I braided it and my pointer was gone. Sadness and sorrow filled my heart as I watched my beautiful nails that were supposed to stay on for TWO WEEKS dwindle away in mere hours.

Overall rating – Disappointment

Have you tried Jamberry Nails? What was your experience?

**I haven’t received any monies or products for this review. I purchased these and these are my own thoughts.**