I have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. If I’m being honest, I can count on one hand how many Valentine’s Days I’ve really, truly enjoyed with a significant other. And when you have young kids, celebrating Valentine’s Day gets even more tricky. As women, many of us want to be wined and dined and spoiled with things seen on movies.

The reality?

Babysitters are super expensive on days like Valentine’s Day so when you factor that cost in with what the date costs, you’re really wondering if it’s worth it. That’s not to say that the occasional (or all the time depending on what your pockets look like) splurge isn’t worth it but I’d rather invest that money on a vacation.

But this begs the question: how do you make Valentine’s Day special when you have younger kids?

Make Dinner Special

And without the kids. Last year I had the opportunity to learn about a local meal delivery service called Peach Dish. They curate their boxes from local farms with high-quality, organic ingredients and recipes that are easy to follow. Last night my husband and I got to try out their Valentine’s Day boxes and my goodness… What a treat!

Instead of making dinner for you AND the kids AND your spouse, give the kids their favorite kid-approved dinner and put them to bed. I love the Peach Dish boxes because they really encourage you to cook dinner together which makes it another way to connect.

Some of my favorite times with my husband is when we cook together. We normally do breakfasts on the weekend with me handling the pancakes and him doing the eggs (he makes THE best eggs ever). But our kitchen is filled with love and laughter. Put the kids to bed and try this out with your spouse!

Making Valentine's Day special can be hard when you have younger kids--but it's not impossible! Check out my tips here and gift guide for him and her!

Get Them A Useful Gift

For the men who are reading this, this is for you: yes we love sex, but we also love other things too.
For the ladies: sex is not a gift but I wholly endorse having some amazing sex on Valentine’s Day as it is a celebration of love.

So what sorts of things make really great gifts?

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Making Valentine's Day special can be hard when you have younger kids--but it's not impossible! Check out my tips here and gift guide for him and her!

Festive Boxer Briefs

Yes, I’m that wife who gets their husband the funky socks and crazy briefs because why not? Outside of him, I’m the only one who really sees them so why not dress him up when he’s not dressed? The best part of these particular ones is they’re moisture-wicking and don’t ride up–the best!

XL Cooler

And not one of the coolers that takes up all the space when not in use. While those double as great seats, they aren’t always practical. I love this one because it holds SO much (50 cans) for SO long (36 hours). And then when it’s not in use, it’s folded and put away.

A Ceramic Grill

I’m one of those people that believes that every season is grilling season so this is like a present for me too. But these grills from Primo are made with such high-quality they’ll last for forever.

Self-Heating Hoodie

Yes, you read that right. For the guy who wants to tailgate outside, go camping, or just hates wearing a jacket this is perfect. The fabric is super soft and the heating packet fits seamlessly in the hoodie! My husband loves his.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Making Valentine's Day special can be hard when you have younger kids--but it's not impossible! Check out my tips here and gift guide for him and her!

Make Up To Go

There’s nothing like having easy access to powdering your nose! Palm Pact is a cosmetic wallet that attaches to all phones and is cruelty-free! Now your make-up lover can store their credit cards and makeup in one easy, on the go place.

Chic & Comfy

Are they slippers or are they shoes? Whatever they are, they’ll keep your girls’ toes comfy and cute at the same time.

Rose Gold Beauty

Gift your forever love this beautiful rose gold unity necklace. The Chain represents you, and the ring represents a loved one – as the chain is woven through the ring, it forms a connection, a Unity, that is circular and therefore never-ending.

Bamboo Initial Necklace

For the around the way or uptown preppy girl, this bamboo letter necklace is the perfect accessory. Layered or single these letter necklaces make a statement!

Are you a Valentine’s Day lover or are you an “I celebrate love every day” kind of couple? What tips do you have for making Valentine’s Day special when you have young kids?