i’ve been home with abc for a month now. i’ve loved every minute of it. unlike most, i really love this newborn phase. they do so much growing during this time and i really enjoy the snuggling. but even though my (awesome and amazing) husband is insistent that i do too much and need to rest, i really want to return to being an active contributor to our home outside of birthing our new addition and being a human cow.

so i’ve come up with a way that will not only allow me to contribute, but it’ll allow me to tap into my creativity and hopefully continue to push me in the direction that i ultimately want to go in–teaching and being a life coach. i’m working on balance though and not burning myself out. i’m such an extremist that my thought process is normally geared towards all or nothing. if i can’t spend 4 hours cleaning straight, i don’t want to do it period. but being a mom of 2 and a new wife and having responsibilities in all aspects here, it’s crucial that i get a little done a day so that i can be successful.

here are my daily goals:

monday – meal planning/grocery shopping, bathrooms, iron 5 things

tuesday – vacuum downstairs, mop, handle sock situation, iron 5 things

wednesday – mini’s room, master bed, vacuum upstairs, iron 5 things

thursday – organize living room, iron 5 things

friday – iron 5 things, relax

saturday – iron

sunday – relax

i’m also addicted to pinterest, working on a book, returning to blogging, and attempting to return to exercising. so this means that i’ll have to incorporate these things in as weekly goals. i love to create things–this truly feeds my spirit in a way that non-creatives wouldn’t understand so this is a big must in my book. and i love writing and exercising. this is how i’m able to destress and express myself. pregnancy and postpartum thus far has shown me that i’m not as productive without these things so they also must be incorporated. but these are more weekly goals than daily.

weekly goals:

creative – “est. 2014 cole” sign, 1 t-shirt upcycle project, sweet potato butter

writing – 3 blog entries/1 hour of writing

exercise – 150 minutes of exercise

in my head i want to do more but i have to remember that although i love the infant stage, they’re super needy and normally just want mommy at this phase. so these are my goals. boom.

what goals do you have for the week?