It’s no secret that I’m a subscription box junkie. I love being surprised with new things that I hadn’t had the opportunity to try yet or I’m not ready to make the financial commitment to. I recently tried out the Simply Earth Recipe Box and I am IN LOVE with it and wholeheartedly recommend it. But why, right?

What We're Talking About...

We all know that essential oils are really powerful tools for natural and holistic wellness. But not everyone knows how to use them. One of the most common questions I get is, “How do you use your essential oils?” And honestly, there’s no one way to answer this question. This is where monthly Simply Earth Recipe Boxes come in.

Simply Earth

Simply Earth essential oils were the answer to a personal problem–the founder had stinky feet. From stinky feet to now selling quality essential oils that provide solutions for everyday home care is how Simply Earth was birthed. They have sustainably & ethically-sourced, filler-free oils that have been tested for purity and composition. I love how these affordable so you don’t have to sacrifice your bank account to get quality essential oils. For under $20/oil, you can get a variety of single and pre-blended oils–this is a win.

The Monthly Recipe Box

Each of the monthly recipe boxes offers recipients the opportunity to master new essential oils. When you first subscribe, you get the bonus box that has all of these extra bottles to create your own blends, roller bottles, and carrier oils. Every month you receive a box of goodies that includes recipe cards, the oils you need to make them, and whatever other materials you need.

This month I received 4 oils:

  • Dark Patchouli
  • Orange
  • Energy Blend
  • Cypress

Here are the recipe cards I got:

I chose to make the Anxiety Inhaler, Persevere Roller and then I turned the Creative blend into a roller too.

What I love about this monthly box is that it’s perfect for seasoned oilers and people trying to get into it. Simply Earth is also a really great company–it donates 13% of it’s profits to fight human trafficking. I also really love how my box came with things to make for my home as well as for my person–I can diffuse the blends or turn them into fragrances for me.

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