Diapering is one of the aspects of having a baby that there’s no way to get around. Did you know that it takes some absurd amount of years (500 years to be exact) for them to decompose? Yeah, that’s a lot. But if you’re still like, “Cloth diapering is still not for me”, that’s ok. There are quite a few eco-friendly disposable diapers on the market that decompose at a faster rate and are healthier for your little one’s bum.

The Best Eco-Friendly Disposable Diapers On The Market


DYPER™ is diaper brand that offers 3 types of eco-friendly disposable diapers: diapers, briefs and cloths. The diapers are like your typical diaper with tabs and come in sizing from newborn to XL and are offered in a delivery service:

  • Newborn (<10 lbs/4 kg) Diapers (260/Delivery)
  • Small (6-16 lbs/3-8 kg) Diapers (220/Delivery)
  • Medium (13-22 lbs/6-10 kg) Diapers (180/Delivery)
  • Large (20-31 lbs/9-14 kg) Diapers (140/Delivery)
  • Extra Large (28+ lbs/12+ kg) Diapers (100/Delivery)

They also have briefs where are a pull-on form and is great for potty training toddlers:

  • M: 13-24 lbs (25 briefs/bag)
  • L: 21-31 lbs (25 briefs/bag)
  • XL: 28-38 lbs (25 briefs/bag)
  • XXL: 38+ lbs (25 briefs/bag)

These diapers can be composted and give the directions for how to do this on their site. This is really very cool to me that they can breakdown minimizing waste by a lot. Even better is that if you’re like, “these are really cool buuuut I’m not in a place to compost yet” they have a service that will do it for you called REDYPER™ service.

2. Honest Company Diapers

These were the first eco-friendly disposable diapers that we ever tried. When abc was a baby and we knew that living a more green lifestyle was important to us, we signed up for the diaper delivery service with them. I didn’t like the delivery service option because I didn’t know how many we would need but I also loved it because I could customize what we needed. And also: the designs were just so cute! Their diapers are made with plant-derived ingredients and use a bio-based core.

Honest Company offers your basic diapers, overnight diapers, and training pants in the following sizing:


NBUp to 1032224
18-14 lbs35245
212-18 lbs32224
316-28 lbs27189
422-37 lbs23161
527+ lbs20140
635+ lbs18126


316-28 lbs26182
422-37 lbs24168
527+ lbs20140
635+ lbs17119


2T/3TUp to 3426182
4T/5T38+ lbs20140

3. Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is a brand that’s committed to providing quality, green and sustainable products to the masses. Their mission is:

To transform the world into a healthy, sustainable, and equitable place for the next seven generations.


They have eco-friendly disposable diapers, overnight diapers and training pants as well and their sizing is similar to the above. These are made with chlorine-free processed wood pulp and we can attest to the absorbability of it as these are some of the few that BC hasn’t wet through overnight.

Cloth diapers aren't for everyone--I get it! Here are some really great eco-friendly disposable diaper options to keep your baby's bottom dry and pockets not draining.

4. Bambo Nature

I first found these when I was helping my friend out with her store Happy Mango–an eco-friendly baby boutique local to Atlanta. I was out an about when BC used his last cloth diaper so I swung through and picked these up. Granted I got a size larger than his normal, these had GREAT absorption. These come in the Classic and Love diapers as well as training pants.

5. Cloud Island Diapers

I stumbled upon these eco-friendly disposable diapers at Target! Yes, friends, THE Target. These diapers are clean, cruelty-free and have no fragrance added. I love how accessible these are, especially because while we only diaper him at night, we often forget to let each other know when we run out!

SizeWeight (lbs)
Newborn< 10
5> 27
6> 35

6. Hello Bello Diapers

Not to be left out, Walmart developed its own eco-friendly baby line called hello bello. These diapers have really beautiful designs and I love the accessibility of these too. Not only are they accessible, but they’re really affordable too. These are 100% chlorine-free and made of plant-derived materials–sustainably harvested fluff pulp. These work REALLY well at absorbing lots of moisture.

Cloth diapers aren't for everyone--I get it! Here are some really great eco-friendly disposable diaper options to keep your baby's bottom dry and pockets not draining.

Here’s what my favorite thing about this list is: all of these diapers are accessible and affordable options. So if cloth diapering isn’t your thing, that’s ok–choose one of these and keep the “let’s save the world” party going!