We Were Given 60 Days To Vacate Our Home

On March 1, 2020, my landlord sent me an email giving my family and I sixty days to vacate our house. I would say home but honestly, we’ve been ready to move on for some time now. But 60 days to find a new home amidst COVID 19, with a market that is really aggressive and we had no plans to buy or move just yet has meant that I’m living in a state of perpetual stress, anxiety and the consistent feeling of defeat. I’ve been scaling my business, being teacher to BC, teacher’s assistant to Mini and Abc, taking on new roles and challenges.  It’s safe to say that my stress and anxiety levels have hit a new high. After finding myself returning to my old habits of dealing with stressful situations, I decided to do something different. 
When stress hits, the first thing I do is put up my wall to the world. I literally drop off the face of the Earth and no one will hear from me until I work through things. I’m also a stress starver. As soon as the feelings rear their ugly heads, my appetite fades as does any great habit that I’ve created. I’ve been really consistent with my Peloton workouts and went vegan for Lent. Both of these things have left me feeling pretty amazing. In February, I worked out every single day which is really big for me. 
But literally as soon as I checked the email, I was overcome with the overwhelm and feeling like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. Friends, this is not a good feeling at all. I already felt like I was struggling to catch a breath because life is always moving fast but then adding being displaced from my home as a family of 5 to the mix? Listen, there were lots of tears and a bottle of tequila that is no longer with us. 

I wanted a different outcome from my stressors so I handled it differently.

Instead of crawling into my hole of doom and despair where there’s no food, lots of tears and wanting to quit everything, I was intentional about doing the opposite. I did the following:

Shared on Social Media My Problems


Listened to the Advice That was Given To Me


Continued To Work Out and Eat


Asked my Dad For Help


Requested People’s Prayers


Started Taking My AnxietyFree Again

There Is No Magical Formula For Handling Stress And Anxiety.

My biggest lesson from 2020 was in being intentional about where I put my energy. While essentially being kicked out while we’re still in a pandemic sucks in a major way, that’s not what I wanted to put my energy into. Instead, I wanted to manifest my dream home that made me feel like I was a reward whenever I walked through it. I want to have a space that fosters creativity, love, and growth. In truth, that’s not the current space we live in and as much is it makes me anxious to have to be put out, this was the Universe’s way in helping to facilitate the change that I desperately wanted for myself and family.  Change is literally the only constant in the world but change is also the thing that can send many of us spiraling into panic attacks, depression, anxiety filled days and stress rage. But friends, we’re worth more than being held hostage by these things. For some of us, this looks like therapy and prescription drugs. For me, this looks like being consistent with supplements that work. 
Ridgecrest herbals AnxietyFree

Natural Support For When Life Gets Tough

The formula of natural ingredients in AnxietyFree have been designed to help you when you feel like life has hit you with a freight truck and you need help moving through it. 

If you want all the important details on what’s in the AnxietyFree from RidgeCrest Herbals, check out this post here I did last year. In this post, I want to talk about the way it affects my body and I specifically because it’s something I’m truly grateful for. 

I think one of the most popular questions I get is when and how often to take it. During times where I feel overwhelmed and like I can’t control the feelings of anxiety, I will take 2 caplets in the morning and 2 in the early afternoon. This is really personal preference–I’ve taken them as I was in the midst of a panic attack and 5 minutes later, I was fine.  When I take it, about 5 minutes later I feel calm and content–not quite happy. I’m able to think more clearly and feel like I’m in control of my emotions again. My favorite thing is how quickly it works. 

What’s your go to for handling stress?

It seems like stress and anxious moments are the theme right now so what are you doing to handle it in a healthy way?

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