It’s officially pumpkin season which means literally everything known to man is now made with these rotund foods that I’ve only seen used for carving. Coming from my culture, we celebrate sweet potatoes like most do pumpkins this time of year–granted we never did sweet potato lattes or Cheerios but you get what I mean.

Nonetheless, I was bitten by the big squash bug this year. It was Trader Joe’s that got me addicted. During my bi-weekly shopping trip, I ended up with Pumpkin O’s cereal (their version of Cheerios), A Pumpkin Walks Into A Bar (their cereal bars… but did you get the joke? ha!!!), and something else that got eaten so quickly that I can’t even remember it. I also bought a couple of pumpkins that I planned on carving with the kids and then roasting the seeds since we all love those as well.

But then mini asked me to make a pumpkin pie and some of these other pumpkin things she’s seen around (reading… such a double-edged sword). Me being who I am decided that I didn’t want the processed canned version of pumpkins and I already had some so I figured, why not make my own pumpkin puree to go in these recipes? And that’s exactly what I did!

I thought roasting a one of these babies would be pretty hard since this was foreign to me but honestly, it was quite easy. The hardest part was cutting it in half. I had mini do the scooping and abc participated because, well, textures and learning. Overall, it was worth it to me and we’ll definitely be doing this again in the future! Make sure to have some Ziploc bags or Mason Jars ready for storing them.

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How To Roast A Pumpkin

Fall means pumpkin EVERYTHING!!! Instead of buying canned pureed pumpkin, make some of your own with this easy to follow recipe!